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ROCIA - Technology in perfection

ROCIA is a new series of luminaires for machine tools, textile machines and woodworking machines of versatile use that has now been marketed. Properties such as the extremely resistant full-metal design, the completely sealed housing and the maintenance-free LED technology ensure high stability and a long service life. To ensure flexible use of the machine luminaire, ROCIA is available in two models: The spotlight ROCIA.focus can be positioned with utmost precision, directing the light exactly to where it is needed. The wide-area luminaire ROCIA.planar impresses all practitioners with its excellent light quality and 3D head joint with impact-resistant screen and a high degree of protection.

Holistic solutions for the modern office

Waldmann makes full use of potential workplace space within rooms. With IDOO, we are able right now to offer a comprehensive range of luminaires, one capable of implementing holistic and biodynamic lighting solutions for workplace scenarios, as well as for the rooms in which those workplaces are located. The extended portfolio of products includes free-standing, desk-mounted and task luminaires, suspended luminaires, as well as recessed and surface-mounted luminaires. The IDOO family of luminaires includes the IDOO.pendant suspended luminaire, the IDOO.line linear system and the surface-mounted luminaire. The LAVIGO product family, first introduced in 2014, is also growing, with the addition of a new suspended luminaire.

MACH LED PLUS.forty – the new machine luminaire for tight space conditions

MACH LED PLUS.forty, that’s the name of the new compact basic variant of the popular series of machine luminaires MACH LED PLUS, with an outer diameter of only 40 mm. It replaces the MACH LED established for years and supports different visual thanks to two different emission angles even when space is very restricted. Furthermore, MACH LED PLUS.seventy with an outer diameter of 70 mm ensures a wide-area illumination and it can also easily replace the classic tube luminaires.