Lighting for integrated manufacturing and test systems

To ensure that all steps in production facilities run smoothly, the best light is needed. Our efficient LED luminaires ensure the right light colour, illuminance and beam characteristics in your system for the exact application.

Waldmann lighting solutions are intelligent. For example, they can be dimmed manually or dimmed automatically for self-protection when temperatures are too high. For maintenance-free operation and a particularly long luminaire service life.


What are the advantages of Waldmann luminaires for production and test systems?

  • Various interfaces (via PLC or IO-Link)

  • Signalling with RGB and / or RGB+W

  • Best illumination up to every angle, even in confined spaces

  • Optimum visual conditions

  • Application-oriented technology: for everyday (IP54) or particularly harsh (IP67) environmental conditions

  • Reduced wiring effort for large installations thanks to through-wired luminaires

  • Yellow light for UV-sensitive installations