Light for office and administration

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Working environments are increasingly diverse, flexible, hybrid and networked. The increased use of desk sharing frees up space and allows it to be used differently. The office is establishing itself as a place where employees come because they find an inspiring environment to meet colleagues.

Based on activity-based working zoning, the office ideally offers space for different activities: for exchange, collaboration, creativity or rest. Each work situation places certain demands on the working environment, the furniture and also the lighting. A holistic lighting design is one of the most important design elements of modern office planning and is a guarantee for increasing the satisfaction factor at the workplace. Light creates atmosphere and optimal visual conditions.

Our Waldmann solutions use light and information to improve the diverse areas of modern New Work working environments. The individual needs of employees are the focus of our energy-efficient lighting concepts. To this end, we develop needs-based lighting solutions for work areas where people can enjoy working productively. Waldmann lighting concepts for offices are sustainable, healthy and digital.

We help you promote well-being and productivity and support you in planning your user-centred office world. In our professional and non-binding lighting design and lighting consulting, we have the needs of the people who work with it just as much in mind as the normative requirements.





Light for zones where employees can work alone or in a team in a concentrated and focused manner.

Areas of application:

  • Home office

  • Single workstation

  • Double workstation

  • Telephone boxes

  • Seating niche

  • Silent-Box


Light for zones that inspire and enable shared creation.

Areas of application:

  • Bench of 4

  • Bench of 6

  • Think-Tank

  • Team workstation

  • Conferences

  • Project rooms

  • Remote meetings


Light for zones where people want to communicate with each other.

Areas of application:

  • Reception areas

  • Central zones

  • Coffee points

  • Lounge

  • Team Box

  • Meeting Point

  • Conference

  • Cafeteria


Light for zones of rest, to spend breaks and regenerate.

Areas of application:

  • Break room

  • Relaxation room

  • Lounge


Light for functional areas that complement the New Work world.

Areas of application:

  • Corridors

  • Staircases

  • Sanitary rooms

  • Storage rooms

  • Technical rooms

  • Sanitary rooms

Which luminaire are you looking for? Via the various Activity Based Working zones, you will find our selection of LED luminaires matched to the respective work requirements. Whether ceiling luminaire, pendant luminaire, surface-mounted luminaire, wall luminaire, surface-mounted desk luminaire, light line system, table luminaire or flexible free-standing luminaire. Waldmann LED office luminaires create an optimal working environment in companies - even beyond the light.

» Learn how to optimise the environmental parameters in the office with our intelligent luminaires and create an optimal working environment adapted to the needs of the users.