Ergonomic lighting

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How does light contribute to health and well-being?

Our lighting solutions are not an end in themselves. They serve their users. So that they can optimally fulfil their visual tasks under the best ergonomic lighting conditions. People and their needs are the focus of our developments. Waldmann luminaires take into account the individual requirements of their users and make light individually adjustable. For example, for the increased need for light with increasing age. And we have actually reached this with our eyes from the age of 30.

Our Waldmann lighting solutions stand for these ergonomic criteria:

  • Direct/indirect lighting with a high indirect light component for pleasantly soft and low-shadow light

  • Multi-component lighting for lighting that is optimally geared to individual needs

  • Adjustable light in terms of light direction, light intensity and light colour for the right light at the right time in the right place

These three criteria pay tribute to the classic quality features of lighting - visual performance, visual comfort and visual ambience. Visual performance is determined by glare limitation and lighting level. Visual comfort is created by harmonious brightness in the room and good colour rendering. Light colour, light direction and modelling influence the visual ambience.
Besides the visual effect, light also has a non-visual effect. This depends on colour temperature, illuminance and the time of light impact. Benefit from the right light at any time with biodynamic lighting and improve your performance, your sleep-wake rhythm and your well-being.

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We have compiled detailed information about our lighting solutions with biodynamic light, which changes in illuminance and light colour during the course of the day to support the biorhythm in a natural way. » Learn more

Our luminaires support ergonomic work through their individual adjustability in light colour, light intensity and positioning. Some are even particularly back-friendly.  » Learn more




The light intensity should be at least 500 lux. Sounds like a lot, but it's not. A bright sunny day easily reaches 100,000 lux. A living room can be set off very well with just 50 lux. But that is not enough for working!


Good task luminaire have special reflectors that ensure glare-free, low-shadow work. Without annoying reflections on the screen or reflective materials.


Every person is different. That is why a task luminaire should be easily adaptable to one's own needs. For example, the brightness can be changed by dimming. A movable arm makes it possible to position the luminaire ideally in the working environment.


LED luminaires are long-lasting and energy-saving. The calm, flicker-free light has a soothing effect on the eyes. A mix of daylight with direct/indirect lighting is ideal. This is ideal for the eyes and well-being!


Good lighting conditions relieve the eyes and promote a posture that is easy on the back. Good lighting increases concentration. Because the right lighting makes you more alert and productive.
Our task luminaires for office and industry are certified by AGR. Find out here what difference this makes. Find out here what difference this makes.


A timeless yet functional design puts the light exactly where it is needed.