Optimise acoustics, air, temperature

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A healthy architectural luminaires is, of course, all about good lighting. But we as lighting experts also know that there is much more to it. That's why our LTX sensors also check temperature, volume and air quality. For an all-round healthy office environment that makes you feel good.


Is the air quality right?

The air quality display reminds employees when it's time to swap the office draught for fresh air.

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A good indoor climate is important for thinking, and the pandemic has made us even more aware of the importance of regular air exchange indoors. Nevertheless, regular ventilation in architectural luminaires is often forgotten. Not with the Waldmann LTX sensors.

The Hey-Here-There's-Air-But-Not-Not LED reminds employees when the office draught should be exchanged for fresh air. Or the information is passed on directly to the building automation system and the supply of fresh air is automatically regulated.

Poor indoor air is sometimes not noticed right away, but it quickly affects our well-being. Headaches can originate here. And, as we all know, so can the transmission of pathogens. Indoors, completely unventilated rooms are also enriched with dust particles, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, residues of vapours from building materials or cleaning agents.

LTX measures the air quality. The sensors detect volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air and control the air quality. The employee response system indicates to employees when it is time to ventilate via icons directly on the luminaire. The values can also be displayed in the Workspace Manager, limit values can be set and an alert can be sent if they are exceeded.

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Is the volume appropriate?

With this display, team members can easily regulate the volume in the architectural luminaires themselves. This prevents concentration breaks and increases performance.

Are your colleagues in the Open Office always too loud? The noise level is always distracting? Not with LTX.

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Our LTX sensors indicate directly on the luminaire when it is too loud again. This means you don't have to repeatedly point out that you should please speak a little quieter.

Team members can easily regulate the volume in the architectural luminaires themselves via the clearly visible There-Has-You's-Red-On-White-Is-Too-Loud LED of our LTX sensor system. This prevents concentration breaks and increases performance.

Many studies show that the acoustic environment has an impact on well-being and productivity. The perception is very individual. For some employees, the stress of a noisy work environment can even cause increased blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. And surely no one wants to cause this by a noisy, creative brainstorming session with a nearby colleague.

Those who use the Workspace Manager in combination with LTX sensors can even see where it is regularly too noisy and optimise these areas acoustically through structural changes.

Those who have LTX undoubtedly offer the best working conditions.

Is the temperature comfortable?

This LED display helps to adjust the working climate. Optimal temperatures increase performance and ensure well-being.

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Too warm, too cold: some people leave the window open all the time, others regularly tamper with the heating. A point of contention among colleagues or at least a point that can affect well-being at work. The temperature at the workplace can be a sensitive issue among team members. Not with our LTX sensors.

The here-is-the-temperature-but-not-LED of our LTX multi-sensor technology indicates to all team members whether something should actually be changed about the temperature. The LED on the luminaire or ceiling sensor lights up when stored limit values are exceeded or not reached.

The information on the room temperature obtained by LTX can be passed on to the building automation system via standard interfaces. The temperature then regulates itself and ensures a productive room climate.

The fact is, due to differences in metabolism, there are gender-specific preferences: Many men feel comfortable at 22 degrees, women at 25 degrees. But temperatures that are too warm are equally detrimental to productivity. By setting limits in the architectural luminaires, everyone knows what the facts are and can adjust to them (in terms of clothing).

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Temperature, noise level and air quality are important indicators of your employees' health and well-being - and the efficiency with which they can work. LTX helps you to get the most out of every architectural luminaires with the least possible effort. And at the same time create the best possible working atmosphere for each employee.

Our LTX sensors can do much more. It functions as the core technology of a shared desk concept or provides valuable information for sustainable building operation.


YARA free standing luminaire as sensor support

  • Measuring directly at the workplace

  • Dense network of sensors

  • Quick and easy installation (plug in an earthed plug, done)

  • Flexible use in areas

Ceiling sensor KIRK

  • Measurement data of rooms and zones

  • Direct connection and control device for DALI luminaires 

  • Data connection via Bluetooth

  • Only power connection required