The time of fluorescent luminaires is over. Get fit and switch to energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting solutions. Still hesitant about the expense? We support you with a non-binding economic efficiency calculation, personal advice and detailed lighting planning.

Your benefits for making the switch:

  • Reduce your energy consumption

  • Improve your CO2 balance

  • Increase well-being and comfort in the workplace

  • Optimise the quality of light

  • Eliminate maintenance costs (no need to change lamps and dispose of them)

Why the technology change now?

  • The EU-wide ban on fluorescent luminaires will take effect in 2023

  • Choose a future-proof means of lighting without mercury

  • Make your company sustainable

More on the fluorescent light ban and the RoHS Directive

The EU Commission has revised the RoHS (Restriction of the use of Hazards Substances) Directive 2011/65/EU. Among other things, it defines the handling of mercury-containing lamps such as compact fluorescent lamps. This is still one of the most widespread light sources in the working world.

According to the directive, all non-sustainable light sources will be phased out. In the course of this, the production of fluorescent lamps will be banned from 2023. Their use will continue to be permitted. However, purchase and sale will be limited to stocked goods.

From 25 February 2023, only sale of goods in stock:
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs without integrated ballast.
  • Ring-shaped fluorescent lights T5

From 25 August 2023 only sale of goods in stock:
  • T5 tubular fluorescent lights
  • T8 tubular fluorescent lights

Stocks are limited, so companies should switch to a modern lighting solution in good time.

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Switch and save

Switching your office lighting to energy-efficient LED luminaires will save you money in the long run and reduce CO2 emissions.

Our example shows the costs incurred and the CO2 emissions per year for an office with 20 luminaires. The values of 20 office luminaires with compact fluorescent lamps and 20 office luminaires with LEDs are compared. Assuming 8 h burning time per day and an electricity price of 0.30 €/kWh.

Additional -50% energy costs with daylight and presence sensors

Save up to an additional 50% on energy costs with our efficient luminaires with standard sensor technology. Our luminaires switch on and off automatically and adjust their dimming level according to the amount of incident daylight.

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Corinna Huber
Head of
project management/light planning


We will provide you with a non-binding, optimal lighting plan with profitability calculation for the technology change in your company.