Daylight and presence sensors



Lighting is often planned with no regard to people and their workplace. It is not unusual that the largest part of energy is wasted for light in empty offices, corridors and lobbies – during the evening, in the night or even during the day. To prevent such misuse, Waldmann has developed the smart holistic light management system, which allow energy saving by means of modern technologies such as presence detectors and daylight sensor systems at a whole new level.

HFMD Sensor

The HFMD (High Frequency Motion Detector) sensor system developed by Waldmann is unique. The innovative, highly sensitive system detects even the smallest movement within a definable area. Accordingly, the luminaires switch on when someone enters the room and automatically switch off again when the person leaves. Furthermore, the amount of lighting is adjusted based on the level of daylight. The energy consumption of individual luminaires can be reduced by up to 50% in this way when compared to the installed output. The HFMD sensor operates independently of temperature, analyzes a larger detection area and detects presence, even if there is an absence of significant movements over a certain period of time.

HFMD Sensor
  • Innovative, highly sensitive multi-channel presence and daylight sensor system

  • Even the smallest movements are captured

  • Temperature-independent operation

  • The amount of lighting is adjusted based on the level of daylight

  • Reduced energy consumption by individual luminaires by up to 50%

  • Can be combined with LUM CONNECT VTL and

PIR Sensor

The PIR daylight and presence sensor operates is temperature-dependent. The presence of persons is reliably detected within a defined field by means of passive infrared motion sensors. The luminaires are consequently only switched on if the sensor registers a presence in the room and the daylight is no longer sufficient. This intelligent technology leads to significant energy savings.

  • Classic presence and daylight sensor system

  • Temperature-dependent operation on a passive infrared basis

  • The luminaire only switches on when presence is detected or there is not enough daylight

  • Up to 50% energy savings possible

  • Can be combined with LUM CONNECT VTL and

PIR Sensor

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Smart workplace lighting - flexible and comfortable

Our workplace luminaires such as the TAMETO incorporate great ease of use and flexibility. Combined with the CASAMBI module, they can actually do even more! This digital solution can be implemented easily, which is not the case with wired lighting solutions. Bluetooth technology and the smartphone app mean that these systems can at any time be networked, grouped, operated by timer or programmed to suit a choice of scenarios. Other wireless actuators such as sensors are also easy to incorporate in this solution.

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