Emission-tested luminaires

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Luminaire for a healthy and sustainable workplace

Bad, unhealthy indoor air is also caused by the evaporation of pollutants from furniture, textiles, cleaning agents, floor coverings, wall paints, varnishes and many other materials that surround us in the workplace every day. The smallest components of coatings, treatment agents and impregnations can dissolve through wear or exposure to heat. We breathe in these pollutants with the room air.

The consequences can be poor concentration, headaches and burning eyes. They are even suspected of being carcinogenic. Emissions of hazardous chemicals can be reduced by a thoughtful choice of materials.

Create a healthy, motivating and productive working environment with emission-tested luminaire from Waldmann.

Part of our corporate strategy is to develop sustainable lighting solutions that promote healthy living. For this reason, we have had our luminaires tested by an accredited testing institute in accordance with DIN EN 16516 to assess the release of hazardous substances and to determine emissions in indoor air. After thorough testing, the institute confirmed that they are harmless. For healthy light and healthy indoor air.

Luminaires that have been tested:

By the way: With our free standing luminaire YARA or the ceiling sensor KIRK you can always keep an eye on the air quality. The multi-sensors measure the volatile organic compounds in the air (VOC) and luminaire when set limits are exceeded. Time to ventilate!

Our UV-C air sterilizer ZAPP! ensures good, virus-free room air.