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Therapeutic care centres in Altentreptow and Neubrandenburg

Biodynamic light in the Therapeutic Daycare sector

Wall-Mounted Luminaire AMADEA Bed
Suspended Luminaire VIVAA
Suspended Luminaire VIVAA
Suspended Luminaire VIVAA
Wall-Mounted Luminaire VANERA Bath
Wall-Mounted Luminaire CUBE
Mounted Luminaire OBLO LED

Villingen-Schwenningen, May 2017: During the main renovation work on the therapeutic care centres of pro-persona.care GmbH in Altentreptow und Neubrandenburg, the rooms were organized into various sub-areas along the lines of the Enriched Environment model with the aim of assisting the care concept of capability enhancement. This involves the use of the VTL lighting management system from Waldmann, biologically effective lighting that, to quote the operating companies, improves the quality of life of the people receiving care while also reducing apparent fatigue levels among the care staff.

pro-persona.care GmbH operates two therapeutic care centres, in Altentreptow and Neubrandenburg. The stated objectives of these facilities are to promote and to stabilize the quality of life and daytime aptitude levels of people with dementia-related and other neuro-degenerative medical conditions. At the focal point of these therapeutic care concepts are evidence-based non-medication forms of therapy that offer an extended range of therapeutic options for people affected by dementia-related medical conditions.

An entirely new type of care facility

The total concept of these therapeutic care centres is based on four pillars that are inter-connecting. The room and lighting concepts are closely allied in order to create optimum conditions for the room atmosphere. Movement and cognition are also closely allied in order to acquire and to promote everyday practical aptitudes.

Many people in need of care are exposed to poor lighting quality in their home environments. This inhibits daytime activities and tends to promote night-time activity. Their day-night rhythm is disturbed. With this lighting concept in care centres, a greatly superior standard of lighting can be offered, one that verifiably promotes quality of life and activity levels. Through technical control, situations similar to natural daylight can be achieved because the strength of lighting is felt to resemble the progression of natural sunlight. In the mornings, with many cold light components. In the evenings, with many warm light components.

Biodynamic light on a large scale

The Therapeutic Daycare Centre in Altentreptow is a former agricultural college. Following a complete renovation, it opened its doors on 1 November 2016. It features a total of 505 square metres. The residential area on the 1st floor provides 12 apartments. In Neubrandenburg, the "Old Dairy" office complex, built back in 1992, has been converted. Here too, the building was renovated completely. This Therapeutic Care Centre has a total of 720 square metres. There are 28 apartments in the residential area on the 2nd floor.

Both facilities are equipped almost throughout with biodynamic lighting. "We not only use VTL light in the corridors, but also in the dining room, the rest rooms, the fireplace room, in the offices of employees and in the group rooms, the gymnastic rooms and in the foyer", explains Gerd Bekel, company director and scientific head of pro-persona.care GmbH.

The heart of lighting planning

In the main areas, the Waldmann VIVAA suspended luminaire is used because it harmonizes perfectly with the high-quality interior design concept. This luminaire comes in diameters of 400 mm and 600 mm. The high level of indirect lighting (65%) provides pleasant and uniform light. The high level of lighting yield, of up to 111 lm/W, has been implemented to create efficient lighting suitable for elderly people, since it meets the need of older people to have more light. The consistent use of luminaires in all rooms enables the high lighting quality to make the rooms look great and feel good. Clients and patients can move through them safely while being motivated to engage in more activity by the natural daylight style of lighting.

Standardized and individualized lighting scenes

Based on the principles of Human Centric Lighting, the light colour and illumination intensity of VIVAA suspended luminaires is altered automatically over the course of the day by means of predefined lighting scenarios. As well as these lighting scenarios in the individual rooms, there are also specially adapted lighting concepts. Dimmers are in use in the fireplace room where softer lighting colours predominate. In the foyer area, demo sequences are programmed involving lighting scenarios with a lot of cold light and/or a lot of hot light. Several demo versions are installed in the dementia laboratory to enable clients and their family members to experience the impact of this kind of lighting.

Light for feeling good in the apartments

Care is also taken to provide a high quality of lighting in the apartments, and Waldmann luminaires are used throughout. In the residents' rooms, the AMADEA bed wall-mounted luminaire is used. This light fitting is equipped with four lighting scenes: General light, reading light, night light and care light. Continuous and uniform illumination of corridor and vestibule into the apartment is assured by the OBLO ceiling luminaire. In the evening and at night, the CUBE wall-mounted luminaire provides quick orientation and a pleasant atmosphere. The resident's bathroom has welcoming, glare-free and uniform lighting above the mirror. The splash-water-protected VANERA Bath not only improves self-awareness through excellent colour reproduction properties but also supports physical care.

What experience has been gained with VTL?

After about five months of this application in the Care Therapy Centre in Altentreptow, company directors Gerd Bekel and Roman Balk were able to establish positive results with their team: "With our clients and patients, we are finding that they are a great deal more active. With some of them, we can say that their day-night rhythm works again, just as we intended for it to be. With regard to clients and patients who are not resident in our facility, and who therefore return to their home environments every evening, we have found after long periods of absence that they appear to have been exposed to poor lighting conditions. They are demonstrably tired and unsettled". Bekel and Balk also believe that family members view the lighting concept favourably.

The same goes for the employees, who consider that biodynamic lighting is greatly preferable in care facilities. All employees describe an absence of fatigue during the working day. They feel more rested and, in their own words, feel better able to sleep.

Gerd Bekel pulls it all together like this: "Our lighting system is a 1:1 fit in our total business and daycare concept. We have achieved a high level of favourable attention, which is great for our PR".