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Innovations by Waldmann

New products for Industry, Health and Care

Highbay Luminaire ACANEO
Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA BED

Frankfurt, March 2016: Waldmann presents its extended industry, care, hospital and office portfolio at the Light + Building. The new products complement the proven Waldmann range and take the Engineer of Light's expertise to new heights.

Waldmann showcases the ACANEO, a new high bay luminaire for full indoor illumination of very high halls. Luminaire specialists Waldmann and Hella co-developed this innovative product. The rugged long-life LED spotlight permits efficient illumination of factory and logistic halls up to 30 metres high. As a holistic lighting partner for the illumination of machines, workplaces and factory halls, following the established TAUREO LED continuous row lighting system, Waldmann now offers a lighting solution specially designed for particularly high factory buildings.

ACANEO: rugged, efficient and flexible

With advanced LED technology, a light yield of up to 140 lm/W and life cycle of more than 60,000 hours (L80B10), ACANEO offers impressive energy and economic efficiency. The optimised lighting technology with in-house developed multifaceted design for well-distributed low-glare hall illumination. The downlight works reliably in dusty, humid and oily air and can also be used in temperatures of more than 50 degrees Celsius. Thanks to a modular system, ACANEO also permits maximum flexibility. Many components and luminous flux, design, light colour, system and connection versions can be combined as the customer wishes to create customised lighting solutions.

Biodynamic light for industry

For the first time Waldmann unveils a biodynamic light concept for assembly workplaces at the Light + Building: TAMETO VTL is based on recommendations by advisors at A.T. Kearney, the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI), and Waldmann's many years' experience in the development of industrial and biologically effective lighting solutions. The company is a pioneer in the field of biodynamic lighting. With its in-house developed PULSE Visual Timing Light (VTL) light management system Waldmann has been successfully deploying solutions for a natural daylight experience in the care sector for more than 11 years – and in the office segment since 2014. The innovative TAMETO VTL concept now represents the first implementation of biologically effective illumination in the complex industrial field. As such Waldmann brings the positive effect of natural light to the assembly workplace.

Innovations for the hospital & care sectors

Besides new products for the industry and office worlds, Waldmann also presents its enhanced portfolio of hospital and care products at the trade fair in Frankfurt. The new ZERA BED wall-mounted LED bed light impresses with top light quality, various lighting scenario settings and need-based colour temperatures, not to mention smart connection options over the USB network gate. ZERA BED can be used as an examination, reading or night light in resident, patient and recovery rooms, and also in intensive care units. The ViVAA luminaire series is joined by the ViVAA Ring pendant light created by Zeug Design. With its high indirect light ratio, the VIVAA bathes hallways, offices, lobbies and common rooms with a warm atmosphere, employing white or daylight white LEDs to create this pleasing effect. All Waldmann light solutions aspire to create a practical comfortable light of high quality for staff and patients in healthcare facilities. The PULSE VTL smart light management system, which enable a natural daylight experience indoors, plays a key role in this respect.