Company Policy

Our company is oriented to the needs of our customers and the principles of the free market economy. We focus our objectives on steadily increasing profitability while taking into account economic and ecological factors to maintain and protect our business location as well as jobs. In our business activities we always strive to make a profit, in order to be able to finance investments for the future from our equity capital.

Partner-like relationship with our customers

Our worldwide activities are aligned with the market. We want a partner-like relationship with all customers, offering them optimal and innovative technologies at economic prices as well as flexible service.

Employee involvement

The high standard of our products requires qualified and motivated executives and employees who feel personally responsible for the high company standards and are willing to safeguard and continuously improve them. Priority here is accorded to teamwork and to employee health. With the help of a company health management scheme, our aim is to promote the goal of having healthy employees working in a healthy company. Especially older employees are valued and respected. Their enormous wealth of experience and expertise are an important part of the company.

Management commits itself to comprehensive, forward-looking goal orientation while at the same taking the concerns of all employees into account. We create the prerequisites for this with our open information policy and the relevant key data we make available and rely on the individual commitment of all employees in the company.

Continuous improvement

The process of holistic and continuous improvement is the focus of all activities. Measures for improvement are determined targeted and regularly and every employee contributes to the continuous improvement process in his daily work, for example, via the internal Waldmann suggestion scheme.

Just in Time

Our just-in-time production system with One-Piece-Flow manufacturing creates the basis for economic production with demand-oriented stockkeeping and high flexibility for our customers.

The individual processes are fine tuned to each other with regard to their work content. Everyone is obliged to act in a way that ensures that the internal Customer Cycle is achieved and maintained. Fault-free delivery to the following work station is prerequisite. Only in this way can waste be avoided and cycle times reduced. Every employee in our enterprise must incorporate the Zero-Fault Principle into his consciousness. Our guiding principle is: We avoid faults, we do not pass on any faults and we do not accept any faults.

The Pull Principle is one of the mandatory guiding principles of our company. On the basis of trustful cooperation, every employee fetches the materials, information and support he needs to carry out his work assignment. This is the only way unnecessary waiting times, overproduction and misinformation can be avoided.

Suppliers as partners

By choosing qualified suppliers and service providers, the management system ensures that the principles of the company policy and the quality of the items we purchase are realized to the fullest extent. The supplier is regarded as a partner.

Legal obligations

To keep the risks emanating from our medical products within acceptable limits, we take into account all applicable national and international regulations and norms in our risk management process. The current state of the art in medical technology and the known empirical values are also taken into consideration. In addition to that, we make sure all company-relevant legal obligations are met. Work safety as well as health and environmental protection are among the most important ones.


To do justice to our own quality requirements and those of our customers, we fulfill all the requirements vital to maintaining the effectiveness of our quality management.

Environment and energy

We commit ourselves to guidelines that not only serve the future of our company but that also, over and above that, help to protect and conserve the natural world and its raw materials. In this, the continuous improvement of our environmentally-focused actions, energy efficiency and the prevention of environmental impact through the wasting of resources are matters of priority to us. In all of our processes, from development to production and dispatch of products, we carefully ensure that we do all we can to preserve the integrity of the environment. Through the manufacture and marketing of “efficient light” products, we also achieve energy savings beyond the boundaries of our own company. Topics such as energy, water, waste and the use of raw materials constitute an integral part of the way we assess the energy-related and environmentally relevant aspects of individual processes. From this approach, we derive strategic and operational objectives, defined by our executive management team in collaboration with the various departments, and monitored to ensure that those targets are achieved. The resources or information needed for this are made available, and highly efficient technologies are employed in a cost-effective manner. We mandate strict compliance with applicable legislative obligations and requirements. We view the protection of the environment as a holistic obligation. Consequently, we involve our customers, suppliers and employees in that process and keep all parties informed about our company policy.

Data protection and data security

As a company, we are committed to complying with the legislative provisions of data protection as enshrined in the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). The upholding of legislative stipulations governing data protection constitutes the foundation for all trust-based relationships with employees and customers, suppliers and partners and this endeavour should prompt us to further develop the topic of data protection as well as data security in our company, to protect those affected as well as our company. To this end, we extend the concept of data protection to include the concept of data security, through which we seek to ensure that every company employee is committed to the objective of the Board of Management and treats every form of data and information within the company, whether personal or company-related, with a corresponding level of care, as well as sufficient awareness of the need for protection and security.

To this end, the data protection officer in our company is implementing and managing a comprehensive data protection management system, one that covers all requirements of the EU-GDPR and therefore upholds and drives forward the confidentiality of all data and information in our company to an optimum standard.

Contact person for data protection in the company :

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