Waldmann-LIGHTLINER - the mobile exhibition

In our LIGHTLINER you can experience light instantaneously!


The better the light, the better the production. Good lighting improves performance, reduces fatigue and cuts down on wast. By providing just the right level of lighting in just the right place, where it is directly needed. To enable you to understand the positive effects of lighting, and to use it in your company to optimum effect, our LIGHTLINER is coming to you with the most up-to-date intelligent lighting solutions for the future of your company.

Expect the following in the LIGHTLINER

Our LIGHTLINER brings you the very latest lighting systems and sample applications, as well as our in-depth expert knowledge for lighting solutions at the workplace in areas ranging from Research & Development to Production, Training, Testing, Inspection, Service and to the individual machines. Experience and test different lighting technologies and luminaire types in a unique product presentation. With the LIGHTLINER, Waldmann’s smartest lighting solutions,
in all their variety, are there for you to experience.


Your benefits

  • On your site, so minimal personnel time involved

  • No travel costs for your staff

  • Tailor-made presentation of the Waldmann portfolio 

  • Expert advice from our lighting consultants to suit your needs

  • Versatile lighting solutions, presented in a compact and clearly laid-out manner

  • Fully functional luminaires to touch and try out

  • Ample time for your questions

  • Our visit is free of charge and without obligation

Requirements for the LIGHTLINER


Requirements at your site:

even, paved
Area to move the truck:
minimum of 22 m

Dimensions of the LIGHTLINER:

11 m
5.7 m
3.9 m
15 t