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Optimal, efficient light for watchmakers

Junghans equips workplaces with new LED arm-mounted luminaires from Waldmann

Arm-Mounted Luminaire TANEO
Arm-Mounted Luminaire TANEO
Arm-Mounted Luminaire TANEO
Arm-Mounted Luminaire TANEO

Villingen-Schwenningen, May 2013: A watchmaker's workplace requires particularly high-quality lighting. Having had a lot of experience in this area and being based in the former watchmaking city of Villingen-Schwenningen, luminaire manufacturer Waldmann knows this well. That’s why the newly developed, LED arm-mounted luminaire TANEO meets the needs of watchmakers in an especially unique way. The Junghans watch factory, also located in the Black Forest, has already converted many of its workplaces to the new lighting solution.

Special requirements at the watchmaker’s workplace
The delicate work performed on a watchmaker’s workbench requires especially good lighting. Indeed, good lighting is an absolute prerequisite for good vision and thus a decisive factor in making the high quality of the workmanship possible. But lighting also plays an important role from an ergonomic point of view: good light prevents headaches and eyestrain. Watchmaker workplaces require a high level of illumination. Here, the DIN EN 12464-1 standard for the lighting of indoor workplaces requires at least 1500 lux. In addition, good glare suppression is necessary in order to avoid reflections from shiny surfaces. The lighting should also facilitate high-contrast vision.

High quality standards and attention to detail

At Junghans, all components of the manufacturing process undergo strict quality checks before the production of watches even begins. "Good lighting is especially important for the various tasks during production," says Christian Hamdorf, master watchmaker at Junghans. The tasks range from the mounting of the dial to the setting of the hands to the installation in the housing. Every watch is completely assembled by a single craftsman or a small team. From the very beginning of assembly to final inspection, which includes final regulation with power reserve testing of mechanical watches, reception sensitivity testing of watches in the in-house time tunnel and waterproofness testing, they are responsible for every watch. To be able to put so much care and passion for detail into the creation of Junghans watches, perfect visual conditions are absolutely necessary.

The LED arm-mounted luminaire TANEO at Junghans

Lighting solutions from Waldmann are widely used at workplaces all across the watch industry. Junghans has also been a customer of the luminaire manufacturer for many years. That’s why Waldmann, during the development of the LED arm-mounted luminaire TANEO, carefully considered the special requirements of the watchmaker’s workbench. The luminaire is available in three different sizes and light intensities up to 3,600 lux. Junghans was one of the first watchmakers to switch over to the new technology and is now very satisfied: "Actually experiencing the light convinced us right away," relates Hamdorf. Junghans uses the medium-size TANEO with 1,500 lux. Colors and contrasts can be recognized particularly well due to the high color rendering index of 90 and the high color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin. Thanks to its opal white light shade, TANEO also prevents annoying light reflections from high-gloss surfaces. The advanced reflector and light control technology produces even, homogeneous light with soft transitions. Individual LEDs are not recognizable at all. TANEO is totally glare and shadow free, so it relieves the eyes of the watchmaker during every demanding visual task.

Hamdorf reports that one property of the new luminaire is especially well liked: "Our watchmakers really like the dimming function. It allows them to adjust the light exactly to their needs." The well-balanced arm linkages also allow individual positioning of the lamp. It is easy to adjust, yet remains firmly in place. The most optimal setting can be fixed more securely if necessary.

Beside its very pleasant light and convenience of use, TANEO was able to convince with significant energy savings. The LED luminaire saves 30% energy compared to previously used fluorescent lighting technology.

"The LED luminaire TANEO meets our quality requirements perfectly," says Hamdorf, "and as a positive side effect, it reduces energy costs significantly."

Waldmann as partner to the watchmaking industry

The Black Forest, home of both Waldmann and Junghans, is still famous for its high-quality watches all over the world. Founded in 1861 and once known as the world's largest watch manufacturer, Junghans shaped the watchmaking industry far beyond its existing confines – in all technologies, from mechanical to digital watches, from quartz to subsequent wireless technology. Now, the company has, in a sense, ushered in another new era by outfitting its own workplaces with LED luminaires from Waldmann.

The beginnings of the luminaire manufacturer in Villingen-Schwenningen, once the largest watchmaking city in the world, are deeply connected with the watchmaking industry of the region. Waldmann still specializes in workplace-related lighting in industry. Over and above that, Waldmann sees itself as a real partner to the watch industry – with expertise gained from years of experience in this field, the company offers not only standard solutions, but also lighting systems optimally tailored to the customer’s application. The energy demands placed on a modern lighting solution, in this case a modern watchmaker's workbench, can now be optimally fulfilled by TANEO, the newest luminaire for such applications.