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TAUREO LED Continuous-Row System

Flexibly Illuminate Industrial Buildings

Continuous-Row System TAUREO
Continuous-Row System TAUREO
Continuous-Row System TAUREO
Continuous-Row System TAUREO

Villingen-Schwenningen, March 2014: For the first time, the luminaire manufacturer, Waldmann, is introducing room-oriented lighting for industrial and commercial buildings with the TAUREO continuous-row system. TAUREO is energy-efficient, easy to install, and very flexible. This ensures that the lighting solution is also equipped for future lighting requirements from the very beginning.

Install Once, Change at any Time

The modular system can be fitted with different light modules as needed thanks to electrical attachment points every 600 mm. There is a selection of different lenses for this purpose, e.g. wide-angle for low production halls or double asymmetrical for warehouses, but also with light colors with 3000, 4000 or 6500 Kelvin, and luminous flux packages between 3300 and 4000 lumen. Even the support profiles are available in lengths between 600 and 4200 millimeters.

Over time, however, the original lighting requirements can change due to changing work station configurations and application needs. TAUREO is always ready to adjust to new conditions easily. Only the light modules need to be changed or expanded without any tools.

Installation and Maintenance Friendly

Installation is fast and easy thanks to the warp-resistant support profiles. Ballasts and light modules can be integrated in advance or into the profiles already installed in the ceiling. Their installation and maintenance can be performed without tools based on the plug and play principle.

Accessories such as daylight and presence sensor technology or emergency lighting can be integrated just as easily in the system.

Durable LEDs and closed lenses keep maintenance costs very low, even in areas that are dirty or prone to dust. But, the modules can be easily cleaned if needed.

TAUREO is equipped with a unique thermal management system with overheating protection to ensure that the long-lasting LED and ballast durability is maintained, even in ambient temperatures above 50 °C.

Great Savings Potential with Modern Lighting

Thanks to fast installation and high energy efficiency, TAUREO is ideally suited for refurbishing older sites because energy consumption and the associated energy costs can be significantly reduced. If TAUREO is also combined with daylight and presence sensor technology, it even saves up to 75 percent in comparison to standard systems without light management. This makes it possible to quickly pay off the investment in the new system.