Manufacturer of luxury watches, Switzerland

Manufacturer of luxury watches

This reference is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that stands for excellence, precision and innovation in the art of watchmaking. Various watches have a cult character. Since 1932, the luxury watch manufacturer has been official timekeeper at the Olympic Games on no fewer than 28 occasions.

In early November 2017, the futuristic new production building was inaugurated. This five-storey building was constructed on sustainable principles and therefore satisfies the highest of aspirations in terms of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. The architect decided on a mixture of Swiss spruce and concrete. The production of watches involves the highest standards of meticulousness and cleanliness at the workplace, and the same is true of lighting.

Particularly good lighting is needed for the filigree and meticulous work performed at the watchmaker's workplace. A long time ago, the watchmaker worked with neon luminaires from Waldmann, but now they place its confidence in the latest technology from Waldmann, in the form of the TANEO arm-mounted luminaire. With its light output suitable for nearly every application, high light quality and ergonomic handling, TANEO provides optimum working conditions and offers incomparable flexibility regarding its adjustment to individual and activity-related requirements. In addition, cutting-edge reflection and light control technology creates homogeneous light across the surface with soft transitions and is entirely free of glare and shading. This makes the work of the watchmaker a good deal easier. The men and women who work for the luxury watch manufacturer, as well as their suppliers, use these same luminaires from Waldmann, to assure a uniform standard of lighting.

Lighting solution: