Therapeutic care centres, Altentreptow and Neubrandenburg, Germany

Operator: GmbH, Altentreptow and Neubrandenburg, Germany

Consultation and distribution:

Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany


Derungs Licht AG, Gossau, Switzerland

Lighting solution:


Reference report:

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Roon Luminaire VIVAA
Roon Luminaire VANERA LED
Roon Luminaire VANERA Bath
Roon Luminaire AMADEA Bed
Orientation Luminaire CUBE
Roon Luminaire OBLO LED GmbH (Germany) operates two nursing care facilities in Altentreptow and in Neubrandenburg. The two facilities include services for therapeutic day care, preventive care and apartments for independent, age-appropriate living.

"Enriched Environment"
During the core renovation, the rooms were organized into different sub-areas according to the “Enriched Environment” model and aligned with the care concept of skills development. The biodynamic VTL lighting concept is used in almost all areas and is supplemented by a special acoustic ceiling and an individual color concept. All rooms were equipped with Waldmann luminaires. A typical feature of the luminaires is a high level of indirect light, senior-friendly illuminance and glare-free, homogeneous light.

Positive feedback
Roman Balk, managing director, is very satisfied with the lighting concept: “For us as an entrepreneur, the investment in comprehensive lighting management with VTL has paid off in several ways. The impressive ambience in our facilities, which is primarily caused by light, is very attractive to applicants, especially nurses."

Scientific light study
After only a few weeks it could be observed that the residents showed a more stable day / night rhythm and were generally more active and alert. In collaboration with the Institute for Experimental Psychophysiology GmbH (Germany) and a second control facility, these observations were scientifically evaluated. In addition to the psychological examination, an endocrinological analysis was carried out using hair samples. The results are a little revolution!

Impressive results (abridged extract):
- Low fall rate with approx. 1.5%
- Cortisol levels twice to three times higher
- Significant reduction in daytime sleepiness

Gerd Bekel, managing director and scientific director of GmbH, is convinced of the Waldmann lighting concept and is pleased about the very low fall rate in both facilities. "In normal households and care facilities, this rate is more than 50%," says Mr. Bekel. And sums up: "This difference is significant and unequivocal due to our enriched environment and lighting management."

Further study results: in the reference report