Waldmann certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 since 2012

We attach great importance to sustainability. This commitment includes active certified environmental management. This is why we do our utmost to achieve high energy efficiency not only by using the latest LED technology in our luminaires, but also during production and limit the use of harmful substances wherever possible. Recycling also pays a key role both during production and for our products. We are thus one of the few luminaire manufacturers to offer cradle-to-cradle certification.

You also benefit economically from our sustainability efforts: our energy-efficient luminaires reduce your costs, they have a long useful life and are low-maintenance.

Sustainability at Waldmann

  • We operate an environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

  • We comply with all statutory environmental/energy law regulations

  • An energy audit to DIN 16247-1 was conducted in 2015 and the re-audit in 2019

  • We use energy-efficient combined heat and power plants with heat buffer storage to generate heat and electricity

  • We also create renewable electricity via our own photovoltaic system

  • Waste heat from compressed air generation is stored in our heat buffer and fed into our existing control heating system when required

  • The purchase and use of our own electric company vehicle has been a meaningful addition to our fleet

  • A gradual switch to energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the company is naturally a matter of course for us. The figure for this is already more than 95%

  • Through the internal Waldmann proposal system, our employees are constantly able to submit and implement suggestions for improvements on the topic of sustainability

Sustainability in figures

  • We improve our environmental performance every year by implementing various energy and environmentally relevant targets:

    • Despite the constant increase in turnover, our electricity consumption has decreased by more than 18% since 2012 (2019)

    • Thanks to the installation of two CHP stations and a photovoltaic plant, we are able to generate around 30% of our own energy requirement

    • Continuous monitoring of our compressed air systems has reduced the leakage content, and thus our electricity consumption, in recent years to a constant amount of around 8.7% of our total electricity consumption (2019)

    • Through the gradual changeover of the Waldmann fleet to more energy-efficient vehicles, we have been able to reduce the diesel consumption per vehicle by around 18% (2019) since 2013

    • Our resource-friendly approach is demonstrated by the fact that our waste recycling quota has now reached 70% and is still rising.

    • By participating in DHL's GoGreen programme, we were able to offset a total of 2.27 t of CO2e in 2019 The climate-friendly mailing of letters reduces the harmful emissions that are caused by sending letters by using climate-neutral options as much as possible, and compensates for them through internationally recognised climate protection projects.

Sustainability promoted by developing sustainable products

Environmentally-friendly product development is of tremendous importance to us, and is taken into account over the entire life cycle of our luminaires, from the very first moment of the product idea. To this end, we developed our own Waldmann guideline for environmentally sound product development, which is firmly anchored in the development process.

The requirements are e.g.

  • giving preference to regional suppliers (avoiding unnecessary transport distances)

  • cutting the use of materials down to the bare minimum

  • environmentally-friendly material selection and surface treatment

  • consideration of a long service life of the components/items

  • ensuring a long service life of the products (high test standard above the standard level)

  • maximum energy efficiency through the use of highly efficient LEDs

We are particularly proud that our LAVIGO free-standing and suspended luminaire is the world's first office lamp to receive Cradle to Cradle® certification. The concept of Cradle to Cradle® is based on closed biological and technical cycles of materials and nutrients modelled on nature. No waste is produced, and valuable raw materials are preserved for us and future generations.
In order to meet the strict requirements, all the materials used for the LAVIGO were identified, evaluated and in some cases optimised with regard to their toxicological and recycling credentials. In addition, certification requires verification of the energy balance, the quantity and quality of water required, and compliance with social criteria.

Certificate ISO 14001

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Certificate Cradle to Cradle

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Certificate GO GREEN

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