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Better orientation with CUBE and RIGU

LED luminaires help to prevent falls

Orientation Light CUBE
Orientation Light CUBE
Orientation Light RIGU
Orientation Light RIGU

Villingen-Schwenningen, January 2015: The topic of fall prevention is an important subject, particularly in old people’s homes and care institutions, but also in the geriatric stations of hospitals. Correct lighting helps to prevent insecurity and falls. This is why Waldmann has added the orientation luminaires RIGU and CUBE to its Derungs product range.

When eyesight begins to fail due to age or illness, then this has a major impact on personal independence. If your eyesight is poor, this is accompanied by anxiety and increasingly insecure movement. Lighting cannot compensate for failing eyesight, but it can add a measure of security. Good lighting helps to avoid incorrect interpretation and prevent falls.

Every third person over 65 falls at least once a year. For those aged over 80, it is even every second person. Serious injuries, such as femoral neck fractures, lead to permanent impairment of mobility and independence for many of these persons. Add to this, that experienced falls can lead to a fear of falling and precautionary limitation of activities in old age persons.

Maintaining their independence in homes starts with mobility programmes, but also with modifications to their habitat, for example, through lighting, flooring and handholds. Professional lighting design prevents insecurity due to glare or shadows and improves secure movement. This allows older persons to become more active in their environment. Plus: friendly lighting motivates using recreation and common rooms.

Most falls occur in the residents' rooms, but also the bathroom and the hallways. Therefore, orientation luminaires are an important addition to the ambient light in these areas.

The RIGU wall-panel luminaire serves to light up the floors in residents' rooms. An intensive LED luminaire lights the way from the bed to the bathroom. This makes the nocturnal visit to the bathroom safer in combination with a possible dimmed ambient light. The direct lighting of the RIGU only requires three watts of power and complies with Protection Class IP 54.

The CUBE wall-panel luminaire serves to light up dark corners or recesses where there is no room for conventional lighting. The integrated six watt LED module and good anti-glare properties create an effective direct-indirect light. Hallways and common rooms are not only made more inviting, but also illuminated more suitable for old age persons.

Both luminaires have an integrated converter and are therefore also suited for conversions and renovations. High quality production and the robust, powder-coated aluminium luminaire serve for permanent use.