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Waldmann at Light & Building 2016


Light & Building 2016
Light & Building 2016

Villingen-Schwenningen, January 2016: With the topic of "Human Centric Lighting", this year's Light & Building focuses for the first time on the biological light needs of people. Luminaire manufacturer Waldmann is a pioneer in this sector. For more than 11 years, the company has already been dealing with the third dimension of light, and has been successful in implementing its in-house development, Visual Timing Light, in the care and office sectors. At the Light & Building trade fair, Waldmann will be exhibiting its extensive portfolio of products in the sectors of care, clinic, industry and office, showcasing these to the general public, and will also be fielding a specially constructed showroom to enable visitors to experience 'biodynamic light' for themselves.

Innovations for the office

With its extended product portfolio, the 'Engineer of Light' fully exploits workplace and room potentials and offers specialist planners and end customers holistic solutions that meet the requirements of modern office lighting. The IDOO family of luminaires from designer Burkhard Schlee will be unveiled at Light & Building, a genuine first featuring the super-flat IDOO.pendant light and the linear system of pendant luminaires, IDOO.line, affording versatile options for the interior design of office premises. These suspended luminaires are being supplemented by the recessed luminaire IDOO.fit – a luminaire integrated into the ceiling and contributing a high proportion of indirect lighting to brighten the ceiling. The LAVIGO family of products has been available since 2015. At Light & Building one further suspended luminaire was added to the range. With the Waldmann light management system PULSE VTL, lighting in the office is guided by the natural course of daytime light, thus becoming the timer of the 'inner clock'. Both of these product families can be supplied with a biodynamic function.

Innovations for the industry

In the development of highly efficient lighting systems for industry, and in its capacity as a holistic lighting partner, Waldmann offers lighting solutions for machines, workplaces and the interiors of industrial buildings. Following the successful market launch of the TAUREO continuous row-system, and on the basis of a development project shared with Hella, Waldmann will be unveiling its ACANEO high bay luminaire for factory buildings at the Light & Building trade fair. With the robust, long-life LED spotlight, Waldmann is now also able, and with immediate effect, to illuminate high production and logistics buildings.

Another highlight at the trade fair stand: based on the recommendations of AT Kearney and the ZVEI trade association, Waldmann is presenting 'TAMETO VTL', a concept for an assembly workstation involving a biodynamic lighting solution developed in the context of a complex industrial sector. This product will be premiered in Frankfurt when it is unveiled at the trade fair.

Innovations for the clinic & care sectors

Professional lighting concepts for the healthcare sector always constitute a challenge to manufacturers. Safety, reliability and quality are essential criteria. Waldmann addresses these requirements with functional, convenient and 'people-facing' solutions. Moreover, since elderly people and those in need of care frequently do not get enough daylight, the PULSE VTL light management system constitutes an important component in the Waldmann range of lighting solutions.

The new wall-mounted bed light ZERA BED delivers optimum light quality, various lighting scenarios and features a USB network gate. The ZERA BED can be used to examine patients, as a reading light or as a night light. The VIVAA family of luminaires is supplemented by the VIVAA Ring suspended luminaire created by Zeug Design. With its high indirect light ratio, the VIVAA bathes hallways, offices, lobbies and common rooms with a warm atmosphere, employing white or daylight white LEDs to create this pleasing effect.

You can find Waldmann at the Light & Building 2016 in hall 3.1, booth B31