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Born to create natural light

Lighting solutions from Waldmann at Light + Building 2018

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Villingen-Schwenningen, February 2018: Under the motto of 'Born to create natural light', Waldmann is exhibiting at Light + Building 2018 its holistic, biodynamic lighting solutions for offices, care & health facilities and, for the first time ever, also for industry.

A passion for light

The trade fair appearance this year is closely connected to the origins of this family-owned company from the Baar region of the Black Forest, as well as to the people behind the brand and the special competence of the company, biodynamic light. “Our motto is certainly a challenging one, and we seek to express that we here at Waldmann are passionate about the lighting solutions we develop. People and their needs have always been the focus of any and all of our applications. We therefore take the best light that exists as our guiding example - natural daylight - and we endeavour to get as close to that quality as we can”, explains Gerhard Waldmann.

Biodynamic light

Natural light is indispensable to people It helps us to see, it safeguards our sense of well-being and it affects our activation and recovery phases. It has a visual, emotional and biological impact on us. However, people nowadays are exposed to artificial light for long periods, which means they are often in biological darkness. We can counteract this through the use of biodynamic lighting solutions, also known as Human Centric Lighting. This year at Light + Building, for the first time ever, Waldmann will be exhibiting biodynamic light in three fields of application. Each application is designed to meet the specific requirements. In the care sector for example, synchronisation of the internal clock is the primary consideration to stabilise the day-night rhythm. The company has now acquired 14 years of practical experience since the installation of the first project.

In offices, the main focus is on keeping people healthy, enhancing their ability to concentrate and having a sense of well-being. Waldmann presents a wide range of luminaires for any project it is called upon to implement. The company follows the principle of Plug & Light. This means that biodynamic lighting can be used without the need for any programming. Always based on the example of the natural progression of daylight, over a firmly defined control curve. “In all of our developments, we work closely with science”, emphasises Waldmann. “We therefore make a point of using the indirect lighting components for their biological impact, and we stick to natural dynamics”.

For the first time, Waldmann will be demonstrating what biodynamic light can look like in industrial buildings. “Although this field of application is full of challenges, we believe that there is great potential here for biodynamic lighting solutions”. With ACANEO and TAUREO, Waldmann presents two different solutions in the form of a product study which the company will be using to tackle those challenges.

Connected light

With increasing frequency, Waldmann luminaires are now part of connected environments. This is made possible by standard interfaces which enable other facilities to draw on the intelligence of the luminaires. For example, the presence information of the luminaire can be used to control heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC). To enhance user convenience through the use of intelligent luminaire functions that are easy to use, Waldmann is committed to its own LUM CONNECT lighting management systems. Innovations that the company will be exhibiting at Light + Building include a sensor system for the care home sector that aims to help prevent residents from falling, while at the same time granting them greater freedom of movement and enhancing their sense of well-being. Another innovation is the Light Admin App. In particular, this supports a detailed luminaire configuration in buildings in an intuitive manner.

You will find Waldmann at Light + Building 2018 in Hall 3.1, Stand B31.