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Waldmann illuminates Technology Centre

Customer-specific solution with LAVIGO free-standing luminaires for MANN+HUMMEL

Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO

Villingen-Schwenningen, January 2017: The new technology centre of MANN+HUMMEL GmbH is a striking corner building with a curved facade. For the modern office spaces, Waldmann created a new variant of the LAVIGO free-standing luminaire that blends optimally with the building concept.

The MANN+HUMMEL technology centre

At the entrance to the city of Ludwigsburg, the new building complex of MANN+HUMMEL with its 24,000 square meters is hard to miss. The company is among the world's leading experts for filtration solutions and is a series supplier for the international automotive and mechanical building industry. More than 20,000 employees work at over 70 locations worldwide. With the new test centre, which is the heart of the technology centre, the company is gearing itself for future challenges. In addition to the test centre, the new building also houses a large office area, event and conference rooms, research and laboratory facilities, and a company museum. MANN+HUMMEL invested more then 30 million euros in the building.

Open Spaces for Open Communication

After three years of planning and construction, the key to the technology centre was ceremonially handed over on the 75th anniversary in 2016. The building provides space for 450 employees. They benefit from short distances between the departments and a high feel-good factor, which was given a particularly high priority, when the new building was being designed.

Ultra modern group workstations ensure transparent work processes and options for open communication in the offices. This reflects in the open, light-filled rooms. Numerous small meeting rooms enable work groups to conduct undisturbed talks. In addition to space for teamwork or focused individual work, many areas are also available for informal communication. For instance, there is a large meeting point with comfortable seating and standing options on each floor. A coffee machine as well as a hot and cold water cooler each is available here. In the middle zones of the office spaces, there are also relaxation areas and additional seating and standing possibilities for informal interaction.

Project-specific Lighting Solution from Waldmann

The building has a special spatial geometry. Therefore, MANN+HUMMEL expressed the wish to have lighting solution for the office workstations that was in alignment with it. The lighting concept was to be based on the free-standing luminaires, so as to also remain flexible with the configuration of the workplaces in the future.

A LAVIGO free-standing luminaire with non-standard dimensions was created in close cooperation between Waldmann and MANN+HUMMEL. As a result, the most powerful member of the LAVIGO free-standing luminaire family to-date with 16,000 lumen and a long, narrow luminaire head was developed for the office workplaces. The luminaires are particularly suitable for rooms with depths and are designed to illuminate two large desk surfaces having a depth of up to 1.80 m. The illumination conforms to standards. High light quality was another aspect that was particularly important for the decision makers. At MANN+HUMMEL, the placing of the LAVIGO free-standing luminaires, which extend far beyond the workplaces, create an impression of a particularly uniform light.

In addition to the high-quality light, the luminaire also had to bring first-class design and intelligent technology directly to the workplace. All luminaires are equipped with daylight and presence sensors. Thus, the light automatically switches on when an employee is at the workplace and turns off when he leaves it for meetings, for instance. The illuminance depends on the incident daylight that is automatically supplemented, only when it is required. The direct and indirect components of light can be dimmed separately and allow for a manual, individual setting of the lighting. This is always possible via an easily accessible and multi-functional operating element. Thus, every employee can adjust the lighting according to his individual requirements. This enhances the ergonomic quality and the comfort factor at the workplaces.