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An office world of the next generation

Free-standing luminaires from Waldmann at ZF Friedrichshafen

ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO

Villingen-Schwenningen, September 2017: Workplace premises have a major impact on innovation within a company, and on the creativity of its employees. Working methods and collaboration are becoming ever more closely networked. These considerations prompted ZF Friedrichshafen AG to develop Office Concept 3.0 on a joint basis with the Fraunhof IAO Institute, a specialist in workplace design and organization. To answer the question of perfect lighting for a modern office landscape, the company decided in favour of solutions from Waldmann.

Flexible forms of working mean that the sleek corner office of the past has now outlived its purpose. In many companies, the trend now very much favours non-territorial working space. Concepts such as Desk Sharing and Clean Desk are now dominant. At the same time, many companies face the challenge of implementing and using its 'agile corporate organization' in the right kind of way.

Office concept 3.0 - how it can succeed

These new workplace procedures are defined by intensive communication and these require the right amount of space for meetings to take place. Office premises have to reflect this change in the world of work. ZF in Friedrichshafen recognized this a long time ago. Germany's third-largest automotive supplier, and one of the world's leading corporations in the transmission and suspension technology sector, together with active and safety technology, has developed a concept that reflects the requirements of the modern world of work.

This concept was developed for the recently constructed ZF head office, known as ZF Forum. It opened for business last November. Their primary focus was to create a flexible and communicative office landscape, one that provides their staff with a modern working atmosphere. Henceforward, personally assigned workplaces are a thing of the past. Instead, employees have a range of workplaces available to them, each of which provides optimum conditions for any given task or workplace situation - the right place for the right job. This equates to ten workplaces being available to between eleven and no more than thirteen employees.

The advantages of this concept

This flexibility enables employees to converge to work together at various versatile configurations of 'workplace island'. There are several advantages to this. The flexible changeover of workplaces enables the surface area to be used intelligently and efficiently. Subjectively, this creates the sensation of there being more space. The digitisation of workflow can also take some of the credit. For example, batches of documents can be scanned into a central location, and employees can then call these up easily whenever they need them. In this way, the automotive supplier has taken a step towards the paperless office. The intelligent and efficient use of floor space also has a positive impact on the sense of well-being of each employee.

The focus is on the employees

With its Office Concept 2.0, this Friedrichshafen-based automotive supplier had already placed emphasis on having high-quality office furniture, based on an employee-facing design. Further development, in the form of the Office Concept 3.0 is a logical consequence of this. For example, desk heights can be adjusted by electric motors. The swivel chairs also have great ergonomic credentials with plenty of scope for individual adjustment. Acoustic partition walls also feature. Research results from the Fraunhof IAO indicate that improved perception and visibility at the workplace lead to improvements in productivity. Therefore, employees in Friedrichshafen have two computer screens at each workplace. As well as this monitor solution, the lighting is also the result of a workplace science insight. First of all, the furniture as well as the lighting solutions of various manufacturers were tested.

LAVIGO: Lighting for the modern office

“In this new office concept, the vision of lean processes and structures should be discernible, but not at the cost of a pleasant atmosphere in those workplace spaces. As an employee-facing corporation, we place great emphasis on having high-caliber equipment. The lighting solution from Waldmann presented us with the ideal way to combine both of these objectives”, explains Rudolf Lupberger, the man responsible at the ZF Friedrichshafen site for planning the technical equipment within its buildings, as he outlines why the LAVIGO free-standing luminaires from Waldmann were chosen for the new office concept. The modern lighting solution of this family-owned business from Villingen-Schwenningen in the Black Forest has been chosen for the new ZF Forum head office of this corporation - and at the management location in Plant 2, specifically in the areas for project work and individual work, as well as in meeting rooms and break-out rooms. The integrated daylight and presence sensors on these luminaires automatically assure the right level of lighting throughout this office landscape. Employees no longer need to involve themselves with this. The modern sensor system also assures optimum use of energy. The LAVIGO family of free-standing luminaires with their streamlined shapes is compatible with a wide variety of furniture systems. Appropriate variants are available to suit different workplace configurations at ZF, e.g. single, double and bench workplaces.

The right lighting conditions deliver a pleasant atmosphere

An optimised ratio of direct to indirect light assures a standard-compliant, uniform illumination of large light calculation surfaces. This also provides a pleasant atmosphere. “The clean lines of LAVIGO free-standing luminaires provide an opportunity to integrate them in a modern office concept. We are delighted that our design and quality have won through, and we are proud that our lighting solution now forms part of the new office concept at ZF”, says Daniel Hug, Sales Director at Waldmann. As well as modern lighting in the office, this family-owned business from the Black Forest has also provided industrial lighting in the industry buildings for ZF. The manufacturer of workplace luminaires for office and industry workplaces is a partner of the collaborative research Office 21® project initiated by Fraunhof IAO and has been working with the Institute closely for a long time on the worlds of work of the future. To this end, it pursues the ongoing further development of its lighting solutions.