Waldmann Lighting Expertise

Our Passion for illumination in Health and Care

Our passion to develop illumination concepts for people is incorporated in our brand promise 'Functionality meets Design'. By combining smart illumination concepts with practical solutions Waldmann luminaires generate an added value for the nursing and medical sector.

Complete light solutions not only take into consideration the clients' individual demands but also recommendations and regulatory requirements. Our long term expertise, close contact with scientific research and frequent dialogue with our users enable us to offer light solution that will cover any requirements.

Nonetheless we always keep an eye on the economic efficiency of our luminaires. Long-life lamps and LEDs, high-quality components as well as quality and safety standards allow us to offer smart light solutions with high light quality and energy efficiency.

In the medical sector high standard of hygiene are a prerequisite. They facilitate a sense of comfort and safety in medical institutions and minimise risk of infection. During manufacturing of our examination and treatment room lights we meticulously inspect surface structure and form for easy cleaning and disinfection. For the first time we have equipped an LED examination luminaire with an antimicrobial Sanitized® hygienic feature.

More light than shadow at old age. This is our promise when it comes to illumination in retirement and nursing homes. People's need for light multiplies with increasing age. Perception deficiencies, dementia and risk of falling are challenges a professional light solution can master. It includes room and orientation luminaires as well as healthcare and reading lights. Our internally developed VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL) daylight progression sets the benchmark for biodynamic illumination. It corresponds to the biologically effective Human Centric Lighting and is a type of circadian light.