Light for Senior Care

More light than shadow at old age. This is our passion.

Light for Senior Care

The rising life expectancy is a blessing, but it also imposes high demands on the healthcare provisions of nursing homes. A professional light concept accounts for the individual requirements of operators, personnel, residents and visitors.
Our long term expertise, close contact with scientific research and frequent dialogue with the nursing and care industry enable Waldmann light solutions to meet the requirements specific to old age and improve quality of life. Our innovations are constantly optimised by scientific evaluation.

Perception – Vision at old age

When eyesight diminishes due to old age or illness, self-sufficient living as it was will no longer be possible. Insecurity and fear affect every-day activity. Light cannot compensate for diminishing eyesight, but it can restore the confidence. Illumination specifically adapted to elderly people helps prevent misinterpretations and tumbles.

Fall Prevention – Light as the humble helper

Falling occurs quite frequently with people of higher age. Serious injuries with lengthy recovery and permanent restrictions in self-sufficiency may be the outcome. Investing in the right illumination can help minimise risk of falling. Professional light customisation by Waldmann reduces uncertainty through glare or shadows and improves the patients' confidence in their own movements. Elderly people will be able to become more involved and active again.

Dementia – probably the biggest Challenge

Dementia patients require intensive care and nursing, often all day long. Independent living without help suffers considerably or is even impossible. Patients show a distorted perception of their environment and have difficulties to properly process environmental stimuli and to react accordingly. In such cases the illumination plays a vital role. An individually configured light solution motivates the patients to become active and simplifies tasks for the personnel.
When lacking a sense of time, or showing signs of inertia, confusion or upset, a daylight progression system can gently assist dementia patients in their everyday lives. The smart VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL) management system simulates the 24-hour light progression from sunrise to sunset. It corresponds to the biologically effective Human Centric Lighting and is a type of circadian light. The biodynamic light supports the inner clock and helps to generate a regular pattern of the day. It improves the sleep-wake cycle and raises the well-being and activity level.

The right Light at the right Place

When properly utilised, light has a positive effect on well-being, health and performance. Besides the VDI/VDE-Richtlinien 6008-3 illumination levels and the provisions on accessibility there are further light-related planning aspects to consider. We would gladly consult you on this matter.
A professional light concept takes into account the residents' and personnel's demands, the rooms' usage scenarios and the prevailing daylight conditions. Whether for resident rooms, recreation rooms, sanitary areas, corridors, staircases or offices, Waldmann offers perfectly suitable single-source light solutions.


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