Life needs Light


Light is everything in nature. It provides growth, diversity and beauty. We humans are a part of nature. Light is therefore the most natural nourishment in the world for us. It determines our entire existence: Light affects important hormonal and metabolic processes, synchronizing our internal clocks again and again. Light gives our lives rhythm. Whenever there is a lack of natural daylight our rhythm is disrupted the VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL) system from Derungs, also called Human Centric Lighting, recreates the effects of natural daylight, restoring proper rhythm and balance to people’s lives.

Light and people
Light controls a variety of internal clocks that regulate our day/night cycle and influence critical neurological and metabolic processes.

The third dimension of light

It is well known that the benefits of light go beyond just helping us see and creating a pleasant atmosphere within a space. Now, scientific research has shown that natural light also positively affects our biological health and well-being. These findings have created the third biological dimension of light.

The internal clock

Although our biological clocks are genetically preset to compensate for the 24-hour cycle, it must be re-synchronized daily through exposure to daylight or artificial light designed to replicate daylight. Hormone levels of Melatonin, Cortisol and Serotonin, all crucial elements in keeping our systems in balance. If exposure to daylight is missing, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and/or depression may soon follow.

Biologically effective light

When trying to mimic the effects of natural light, the lighting system should follow similar parameters to nature. As in nature, the main illumination should originate from a large source area light. The combination of direct and indirect light sources produces an “artificial sky light”. Ideally, the wall and ceiling light blend smoothly, giving the environment a soft, natural feel.

Poor visual and perceptual ability can best be compensated for by sophisticated lighting technology and a professional lighting concept.

More light for more quality of life

The aging eye needs much more light intensity. Light allows us unrestricted mobility and possibly unlimited performance. Low shadow and glare-free light has a positive effect on the perception of space.


A state of disorientation, anxiety,stress and relocation to a nursing facility are typical for people diagnosed with this condition. They are often in a perpetual fog which is reinforced by insufficient light and poor vision. Full day-night reversal of sleep patterns adding to the patients’ discomfort. The VISUAL TIMING LIGHT system provides gentle and effective support.

Independent studies show a direct link between daylight and well-being. We now know that biodynamic light has a positive impact on emotional and physical well-being.

Advantages for residents

Morning light invigorates the mind and promotes activity. From the middle of the day, warm tone light supports the body and prepares it for the night. The day-night rhythm is sustainably stabilized. In some cases, gerontologists even see opportunities to reduce dosages of sleep medications.

Advantages for caregivers

Employees report that proper lighting enhances the work environment and results in less eye strain and fatigue. If residents feel more relaxed, more comfortable in their surroundings and participate more in daily activities, it improves the effectiveness of caregivers’ efforts.

Benefits for operators and home managers

The higher investments succeed: The very high light yield of VTL lights requires fewer lights than other conventional lighting systems. In addition, the sophisticated light management system helps save on costs and energy.

VTL system

The lighting is adjusted automatically to residents’ routine by utilizing current research and technology. The focus is on having engaged residents while insuring their health and safety. VTL is particularly suitable for corridors, waiting areas, and nursing oases, but also in other areas where there is a lack of natural light.

ZERA - The cozy room light

Problematic spaces that are narrow, low or lack windows are not only optimally illuminated by the high portion of indirect light, but also appear larger, more inviting and illuminates every room uniformly.

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VIVAA VTL - Sunshine for rooms

So graceful, so light an so attractive. That is the VIVAA. It elegantly and harmoniously fits into any room.

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VANERA VTL - The modern classic

The VANERA, with its timeless, simple silhouette, fits perfectly into any room and illuminates every room uniformly.

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DALI control system – The heart of lighting control

Up to 128 DALI addresses can be integrated into the DALI controller via two ports.

Operation using iPad or controller

It is possible to operate the lighting controller via the app on the iPad. Lighting scenes and individual lighting effects can thereby be easily activated. Programming is accomplished via a laptop or PC.

Daylight sensor and motion detector

The VTL system is extremely versatile. Additional system components, such as the daylight sensor also optimize their capabilities.