UV-C disinfection against CORONA

Most CORONA infections apparently occur via aerosols in the air. And viruses that sink through the air can actually survive on surfaces for days. These smear infections are a particular hazard in hospitals and care homes. Many people share the same devices in companies, schools and other public areas where there are large numbers of people. Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, keyboards and input devices are all sources of transmission. Liquid disinfectants are only of limited benefit for electronic devices because they can penetrate, and to date it has been not possible to disinfect air.

So the Engineers of Light have come up with something entirely new for this: ZAPP!

Our light consists of various rays emitted by the sun. Some of this radiation is UV light. UV-A and UV-B rays are generally known, as they are the ones we need to protect ourselves against when sunbathing. The sun also emits UV-C rays. However, the Earth is surrounded by a protective layer of ozone that these rays are unable to penetrate. And these are the rays that Waldmann uses for ZAPP! and Waldmann UV sterilizers, because they can be used for disinfection. The high-energy radiation efficiently destroys the DNA of viruses and bacteria. The UV sterilizer reliably sterilizes surfaces using UV-C rays, while ZAPP! destroys 99.99% of viruses in the indoor air. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.