AGR-certified products

Back-friendly products prevent generally known back problems at the work station. Scientific findings prove that an ergonomic work station system dramatically reduces absenteeism due to illness and increases productivity. However it is not just a work desk system and work chair that contribute to an all-round back-friendly workplace, rather also the ergonomic lighting.

The lighting has a secondary impact on the working conditions, and while this impact is not direct, it produces so-called asthenopic effects, in other words eye fatigue, on the musculoskeletal system.

People process some 80% of all information visually. Good lighting therefore has a major impact in this respect. Optimal illumination of the work station prevents forced posture, which is adopted to compensate for visual conditions, and allows an upright, back-friendly posture to be adopted for working. The task lighting has to be wide-range, homogeneous, glare-free and shadow-free. This is the only way to ensure that continual adaptation of the eyes or eyesight is not necessary in order to see optimally.

The necessary minimum requirements that illumination must fulfill in order to satisfy the requirements of the AGR verification procedure can be found on AGR's website.

The AGR seal of approval was rated "very good" by consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST. The independent institution validates the ergonomic product quality in relation to numerous medical specializations.

Video "What is the AGR seal of approval and what makes the certified products so special?"

Certified and recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools. More information: Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V., Stader Str. 6, D-27432 Bremervörde, Phone +49 4761 926 358 0,