Diagnosis System  DHL 109 M (Wood-Light)

Diagnosis System DHL 109 M (Wood-Licht)
Diagnosis System  DHL 109 M (Wood-Licht)

For irradiating specific dermatomycoses to obtain diagnostic information based on resulting fluorescence:

  • ERYTHRASMA (red fluorescence)

  • MICROSPORY (weak greenish fluorescence)

  • FAVUS (poison-green fluorescence)

  • TRICHOBACTERIOSIS AXILLARIS (yellow-ocher colored fluorescence)

  • PITYRIASYS VERSICOLOR (yellow-ocher colored fluorescence)

  • ASH LEAF SPOTS (M. Pringele)
    (blue-white fluorescence compared with normal skin)

  • VITILIGO (blue-white / bright white fluorescence of depigmented areas)

  • SCABIES (gray / white burrows)

Also for fluorescence diagnosis (FD) for in-vivo diagnostic imaging of dysplastic tissue and surface tumors in conjunction with a local or systemically administered dye, e. g. PPIX or 5-ALA.


  • Wall bracket
Technical Data

Dimensions (W x D x H)
50 x 35 x 263 mm
Weight (excluding packaging):approx. 0.7 kg
(ballast included)
similar to RAL 9010 (white)
Protective tube:impact-resistant, transparent plastic
Supply voltage / Frequency:
230 V / 50 Hz
220 V / 60 Hz
Current consumption:
0.17 A, cos φ 0.31
0.17 A, cos φ 0.31
Connection cable:approx. 3 m with plug-in ballast
MDD classification
Class II a
Fitted with:1 BLB 9 W compact lamp (Wood-Light)

Technical Dimensions:
Technical Dimensions