UV Therapy System UV 182

UV Therapy System UV 182
UV Therapy System UV 182
UV Therapy System UV 182


  • Dialog-controlled operation with confirmation prompts

  • Programmable dosage limits

  • Automatic module recognition

  • Computer-aided adjustment of irradiation intensity


  • Central control of all therapy modules

  • Fast exchange of therapy modules

  • System can be expanded by modules with other lamp configurations

  • Photopatch tests thanks to large module pivoting radius


  • Pivoting TFT monitor with 10.4" touchscreen

  • Basic device with electric angle adjustment

  • Modular unit assembly

  • Large smooth-running castors with brakes for mobile use


  • Interactive sensor system for measuring the irradiation intensity with automatic transfer to the unit controller

  • UV-protection system to eliminate stray radiation

  • Wall holder for storage of two therapy modules

Technical Data
Exterior dimensions (W x D x H)
Basis unit (vertical position) approx. 783 x 871 x 1 423 mm
Therapy module approx. 619 x 456 x
203 mm
in all directions via 4 castors
Weight (excluding packaging):Fully equipped version: approx. 69 kg
Standard version: approx. 62 kg
Therapy module: approx. 8.5 kg
Color combination:similar to RAL 9006 (white aluminium)
similar to RAL 7016 (anthracite gray)
Supply voltage / Frequency:230 V / 50 Hz
220 V / 60 Hz
max. Power consumption:

800 W / cos φ 0.88 
800 W / cos φ 0.88 

Basis unit 64 W / cos φ 0.95
Therapy module 174 W / cos φ 0.95

connection cable:approx. 4.5 m with shock-proof plug
MDD classification:Class II a

Technical Dimensions
Configuration variants

Monotherapy devices:
  • UV compact lamps (UVA) 4 x PUVA 36 W

  • UV compact lamps (UVA) 4 x UVA-1 36 W

  • UV compact lamps (UVB) 4 x TL 01 36 W (narrowband UVB)

» detailed informations about spectral characteristics

UV protective cover
UV protective cover
Wall bracket
Wall bracket