Swarm control PULSE TALK

You´ll never work alone

Swarm control PULSE TALK

Changes in the number and location of employees in an office with presence and daylight-controlled lighting can arise so-called light islands: except the own occupied desk, the whole office remains unlighted.

The innovative wireless module PULSE TALK from Waldmann enables luminaires to communicate with each other. This makes light islands a thing of the past.

Therefore, luminaires are assigned different areas and groups. If the luminaire in a group registers presence, it sends this information to the rest of the group members. These constantly light the immediate office surroundings at a pleasant basic level.

Correspondingly, user comfort increases considerably – and without significant costs because the module can be retrofitted in a few simple steps.

What can PULSE TALK do?

PULSE TALK provides a pleasant lighting scenario. The state-of-the-art wireless module enables luminaires to communicate with each other, to react to presence detection information and to adjust the lighting accordingly. The result: a pleasant illumination, a better working atmosphere, thus an enhancing ability to perform.


PULSE TALK consists of only one compact component – simple to install, program, and operate. Because it is wireless, the communication between luminaires does not require any technical building installation. Waldmann luminaires can be delivered with PULSE TALK, but can also be retrofitted with it at any time.

How is PULSE TALK set up?

PULSE TALK requires only one uncomplicated basic setting – then the automatic teach-in process of the luminaires begins. Each module can be assigned to one of 100 areas in a building and one or two of 16 groups. All settings can be changed or expanded at any time.

How does PULSE TALK work?

As soon as one luminaire registers the presence of a person, it transmits the information to the luminaire group. The group switches on additionally - only dimmed to basic brightness for energy savings. Thus, PULSE TALK creates high comfort while saving energy.