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LAVIGO - DPS 14000/VTL/R/G2 - 103 W / 14250 lm

Order No.
presence and daylight sensor control (PIR)
Connected load
220-240 V; 50/60 Hz
Connected load
ca. 103 W
Luminous flux
ca. 14250 lm
Luminous efficacy
ca. 138 lm/W
Light distribution
Direct component
ca. 12 %
Glare-free technology
conical prismatic screen
unified glare rating (4H 8H)
≤ 10
Fitted with
Colour temperature
ca. , adjustable white
Color rendering (Ra)
≥ 80
silver metallic
19,670 Kg
Mains lead
mains plug
Approval mark

Luminaire type

LED free-standing luminaire with multifunctional switch and removable luminaire head; Glare-free technology with concial prismatic screen incl. Light Forming Technology


lighting for work and rooms

Mounting methods

Mobile and flexible positioning in the room and at the workplace

Special feature

  • luminaire head detachable
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified TM
  • Direct light component with edge light and light-guide technology for homogenous light exit
  • Indirect light component biodynamic light VTL; direct light component neutral working light
  • integrated light and presence sensor PIR
  • integrated light management for biodynamic light VTL
  • retrofittable with TALK module

Tender texts

Free-standing Luminaire US~CommerceName US~ArticleType 14000/VTL/R/G2
light source: US~LightTyp 3000-6500 K Energy efficiency category A/A+/A++
US~LightTyp 4000 K 4000 K Energy efficiency category A/A+/A++
work equipment: electronic ballast
connected load: 220-240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumption: approx. 103 W
power factor: approx. 0,965
luminous flux: 14250 lm
luminous efficacy: 138 lm/W
light distribution: direct/indirect
direct ratio: approx. 12 %
color rendering index (CRI): >= 80
technology: US~illuminenz
operation: multi-function switch
luminaire body
material: steel/plastic
surface: painted
colour: silver metallic
lamp cover: Acrylic satine
tubular section
luminaire base
Form: C-form flat
weight (net): approx. 19.7 kg
mains lead: 3,0 m mains plug US~ConnectionStandard
Fastening: floor standing base
decorative contrast side parts: metallic silver
glare control: conical prismatic screen
luminance(L65): <= 3000 cd/m²
unified glare rating(4H 8H): <= 10
special features: luminaire head detachable, US~Speciality, US~Speciality, US~Speciality, integrated light and presence sensor PULSE PIR, US~Speciality, retrofit with EnOcean wireless module PULSE-TALK
US~USP, retrofit with EnOcean wireless module PULSE TALK to avoid light islands, and for an open, communicative system

Photometric data Luminaire head

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