Quick and clear configuration of luminaries


App to create a digital image of your lighting installation

Efficiently and clearly organise and configure your lighting installation with the LIGHT ADMIN App! Create your individual building structure in the app, integrate your Waldmann luminaries and enable the management and configuration of your entire lighting installation using digital tools.

Parameterisation and configuration via EnOcean or Bluetooth

The LIGHT ADMIN app allows a simple parameterization of luminaires equipped with the TALK module. For example, many functions and parameters of a free-standing luminaire, from dimming value to presence control, can be easily configured.

You can store your own configurations as profiles in the app allowing you to transmit your configurations to many luminaires at the same time - quick and easy.

The configuration of the swarm control can also be made by means of the app. Your luminaire groups and defined areas are clearly displayed. In case office area change, you can react at any time with little effort via LIGHT ADMIN.

Digital image of the building structures

Moreover, the app supports you when making an inventory of all luminaries in the building. You can store building structures in the app and allocate luminaries to these structures. An optional export via Excel documents your complete luminaire system.

The luminaires can be protected against unauthorised access through a password. This will prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the configurations of your luminaires via the app.

If luminaires have once been scanned by the app, they will remain in the list of devices even if they are out of range. These so-called offline devices can also be configured. As soon as the luminaires are within range, the change can be applied. This allows a complete building to be managed, even if not all luminaires are always within range.

Mode of operation

In order to be able to configure the luminaires with the LIGHT ADMIN, the TALK EnOcean or TALK Bluetooth module is required. The wireless USB stick is necessary for establishing the connection with the windows app.


  • Simple parameterization of luminaires.

  • Quick adjustment of our swarm control TALK areas and groups. Changes can be implemented quickly via the app.

  • Optional password protection for every individual luminaire possible.

  • Digital image of building structure and lighting installation for clear documentation and quick inventory.

  • It is possible to configure devices out of range.

  • Building structure and configuration only have to be created once for multiple end devices: exporting and importing is possible.

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