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OPTICLUX magnifier luminaire for medical applications

Daylight-quality lighting with optional Wood lamp

Magnifier Luminaire OPTICLUX
Magnifier Luminaire OPTICLUX
Magnifier Luminaire OPTICLUX

Villingen-Schwenningen, June 2017: The new OPTICLUX magnifier luminaire merges the latest LED modules and a robust acrylic magnifier to provide a uniquely large, bright light field. Its outstanding color rendering properties and optional Wood light equipment make it a versatile luminaire for many applications.

The lighting engineers of Derungs – the Waldmann’s competency center for medical lighting – specially designed the new OPTICLUX magnifier luminaire for the needs of dermatologists, hospitals and medical practices, dental technicians, laboratories and quality control, and it is a tested medical device under EN 60601-1.

Optimal viewing

OPTICLUX has everything a modern magnifier luminaire should offer in the medical field: a light, but robust 3.5-diopter acrylic lens and a large magnifier diameter of 160 mm. Its outstanding light field is also provided by 90 premium LEDs that ensure even, low-shadow illumination of the examination or work area. The very bright light (6,000 lux at 15 cm) is continuously dimmable. This means that the OPTICLUX adjusts to the individual viewing task and perceptibly takes stress off the eyes.

Reliable color reproduction

The daylight white LEDs in 6,500 K provide reliable color rendering.
This gives the OPTICLUX excellent color reproduction properties of Ra > 94, R13 > 98, and R9 > 93. This is especially crucial for medical applications, for reliable examinations and optimal work results.

Versatile installation

In addition to the light quality, the ergonomic factors are also impressive: The proven spring rods and internal friction-joints allow easy positioning of the luminaire without lowering the luminaire head. A large range of action — from head to toe — is provided by the long luminaire arm, which guarantees a bending radius up to 142 cm for the ceiling version. Depending on the application and personal preferences, the OPTICLUX also comes in a pin version with a wide range of fastening accessories. Thus, the magnifier luminaire can be used flexibly with a wall bracket, table clamp, rail clamp or roller stand.

Durable and economical

The OPTICLUX is designed for long life: Premium, high-quality components and precision parts ensure reliable, economical use for many years. It comes with a lens cover, keypad and premium housing to make cleaning easier.

Two lighting modes in one device

Especially for use in dermatology, veterinary and forensic medicine, the new magnifier luminaire is also available with a Wood light (365 nm). This allows detection of fluorescent lesions or evaluation of pigment changes. Thanks to five extremely high-performance BLB LEDs, the room doesn’t have to be darkened as much. This leaves more time for the patient.