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LED examination luminaire VISIANO

Optimal contrast viewing through LEDs in two different colour temperatures.

Examination Luminaire VISIANO
Examination Luminaire VISIANO
Examination Luminaire VISIANO
Examination Luminaire VISIANO
Examination Luminaire VISIANO

Villingen-Schwenningen, November 2013: The VISIANO examination luminaire of the Waldmann product brand Derungs offers a number of plus points, for example, LEDs in two different colours for optimal contrast viewing, a large light field and antimicrobial hygiene function. In addition it significantly reduces energy consumption and thus helps to save on energy costs.

If one looks at the silhouette of the VISIANO, one notices the high quality finish and the aluminium arms. Most prominent are the concave-shaped light head and the futuristic design of the inner reflector. The diamond-shaped optics are at the core of the extremely high light yield. The light is optimally refracted via 365 fine lamellae. The special shape of the light head generates a homogeneous light field of 210 millimetres. Sixteen high quality LEDs generate a high illumination intensity of 60000 Lux and colour rendering of Ra > 95 and R9 > 90. Modules fitted with LEDs in 3500 and 4500 Kelvin allow optimal contrast viewing.

Hygienic and safe

Hygiene plays a major role in healthcare. The light head is a critical zone for spreading bacteria and germs. On untreated surfaces they can reproduce within twenty minutes. Therefore the light head and other critical areas are provided with the optional Sanitized® hygiene function.
Acting as a biocide, the silver ions ensure an antimicrobial effect, as confirmed by stringent external studies and test series.

The hygienic requirements were also taken into consideration in the overall design of the lamp: very small gaps between the components and the closed design allow easy cleaning with spray disinfectants. The VISIANO was certified as medical device according to IEC 60601. This is unique for this type of luminaire class.

Ergonomic and universal

The aim was to also develop a lamp giving an optimal working radius, while at the same time being easy to position and with safe locking. This is provided by spring-balanced arm joints which do not sag when the hand wheel is loosened. The far-reaching lamp arm and the 360° turnover axis on the light head provide a high level of user convenience. The operating panel is designed easy and clear: the lamp is switched on and off via a membrane key, as is the activation of the four dimming stages or the change in colour.

The range includes a ceiling-mounted variant, a universal pin version for rail-mounting, wall-mounting or on a roller stand.