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ZERA lighting family is getting bigger

Efficient light for residents rooms, corridors, stairs and bathrooms

Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA
Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA Bed
Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA
Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA
Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA Bath
Wall-Mounted Luminaire ZERA Bath

Villingen-Schwenningen, September 2017: The ZERA lighting family is growing. According to ZERA Bed, Waldmann is expanding its product range by two luminaires: the ZERA wall lamp and the ZERA Bath bathroom light. Highly efficient LEDs and special light control ensure cosy, warm-white light. At the same time, the high light output allows new possibilities in architectural design, since fewer luminaires are required. This not only reduces the purchase and energy costs, but also the installation costs. The extremely slim silhouette and the aluminum-anodized housing convey lightness and elegance. The suitability according to EN 60598-2-25 ensures additional safety.

ZERA luminaires from Waldmann are distinguished by their clear, high-quality shaping and their high light output. The portfolio includes three different luminaire models: ZERA bedside lighting for patient and resident rooms, ZERA wall lighting fixtures for hallways, stairs and lounge areas as well as bathroom lighting ZERA Bath. All ZERA luminaires are tested according to DIN EN 60598-2-25 for use in clinical areas of hospitals and buildings for health care.

High-quality, versatile and economical

All ZERA luminaires have one thing in common: thanks to the high-quality lighting technology, the lighting effect is very good and the light is pleasantly bright and glare-free. As a result, fewer luminaires are required particularly in large rooms in order to achieve the desired illumination intensity. The individual components and the processing are of high quality. This makes the luminaires a long-lasting, economical purchase. The wall rail facilitates assembly and maintenance. The anodized aluminum housing accentuates modern architecture. More space for design is created by the very narrow luminaire body, which fits harmoniously into every room. The luminaires can be integrated into the light management system DALI and can be equipped with the daylight management VTL (Visual Timing Light - corresponds to Human Centric Lighting).

ZERA wall lights for corridors, staircases and living areas

Although ZERA wall luminaires are only 20 mm high at the front, and the entire body only 1050 mm wide and 145 mm deep, they impress with their outstanding light output of up to 135 lumens per watt. As a result, fewer luminaires are required to achieve the normatively recommended illuminance. This saves procurement, assembly, energy and maintenance costs. Problematic rooms, which are narrow, low or windowless, are optimally illuminated by the high indirect light proportion of approx. 60% and the asymmetrical light distribution, making them optically larger and more inviting.

ZERA bathroom light for fall prevention

The bathroom version ZERA Bath is a small force package: although the lamp body is only 550 mm long, 145 mm wide and 20 mm high, it provides up to 122 lumens per watt for a positive lighting experience. Especially in windowless or small baths, ZERA bathroom luminaires improve room awareness by providing uniform and glare-free light. Thus they make an important contribution to fall prevention. Thanks to asymmetrical light distribution and a high indirect light proportion, rooms are ideally illuminated without creating blind or irritating shadows. Equipped with the splash protection according to IP 44, the bathroom light provides more security.

ZERA Bedside lamp for patient and resident room

The bed wall light ZERA Bed is distinguished by four light scenes: general, examination, reading and night light. Not only the light colors vary between warm white and neutral white, but also the lighting intensity varies depending on the application. The examination and care light is adjusted to the size of the bed. Thanks to a lighting intensity of up to 1 000 lux, an optimal illumination from head to foot is possible - without dazzling neighboring or opposing persons. The aesthetic luminaire body is very low (20 mm high, 1 050 mm long and 228 mm wide) harmoniously fits into the occupant and patient room. The asymmetrical general light ensures uniformly bright and low-light light

Smart fall prevention

The optional Connected Care function provides a further contribution to fall prevention. It combines senior-focused lighting and modern sensor technology with an effective warning system. Connected Care is used discreetly at the resident's bed to prevent falls during the day and at night. A sensor integrated into the luminaire switches on the night light and sends a cordless signal to the nursing staff when the occupant wants to leave the bed or has already left the bed. In this way, the nursing staff also gains security and time for other nursing activities.

Daylight for rooms

Biologically effective lighting has become an integral part of holistic care concepts. The light management system Visual Timing Light (VTL) follows the principles of Human Centric Lighting (HCL). VTL is based on the natural daylight process and uses the natural effect of light color and lighting intensity to restore the sleep-wake rhythm of elderly or bedridden people. Light management can be integrated as an intelligent component into ZERA wall and bed wall luminaires.