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Good light for a healthy back

Waldmann task luminaire PARA.MI inspected and recommended by AGR

Task Luminaire PARA.MI

Villingen-Schwenningen, April 2015: The Waldmann task luminaire PARA.MI has been awarded a quality emblem by Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. [Campaign for a Healthy Back], that rewards particularly ergonomic products, making Waldmann at this time the only lighting manufacturer to have received an award of this nature.

When equipping an ergonomic office workplace, many think in the first instance of swivel chairs, height-adjustable tables, keyboard and PC. Lighting often gets overlooked. Nonetheless, it is is responsible for ensuring that our most valuable organ at the office workplace functions properly - the human eye. That is because 80% of all information is processed visually. That is why a good task luminaire is so important for the 18 million or so people in Germany who spend their working days seated at a desk.

In ergonomic terms, lighting is a second-tier tool. It does not have a direct impact on the muscular-skeletal system but instead helps to prevent eye fatigue, and also has a significant influence on body posture at the workplace. The ability to process visual information can be impaired by lighting being too bright, too dark, and by casting too many shadows or reflections. To balance this out, we tend to squint, to turn our heads and to adopt an unfavourable seating position. As a consequence, our eyes tire fast, concentration levels decline and, in the worst case, we can suffer from muscular cramps, as well as backache and headaches.

All of that can be prevented by having the right lighting. AGR e.V. has subjected the task luminaire PARA.MI to comprehensive tests and has now awarded it the quality emblem to indicate that Waldmann lighting is particularly well suited to the task of delivering optimum workplace lighting.

That is because this LED task luminaire satisfies all of the test criteria. PARA.MI provides homogeneous working light across an extensive area. The lighting can be adapted with its user-friendly and easy-to-adjust articulated joints, as well as its infinitely adjustable lighting intensity, enabling the most suitable lighting for any given activity to be found. A range of different arm variants also enable these luminaires to be adapted to suit individual workplace conditions. Special reflectors deliver glare-free workplace lighting, and there is a choice of colour temperatures ranging from 3000 to 4000 Kelvin to enhance visual contrast and therefore to improve visibility. Furthermore, the light is flicker-free, facilitating fatigue-free work and helps to avoid backache.

The tests conducted by the AGR are conducted in several stages. First of all, medical and therapy experts from different disciplines compile a set of requirement criteria for ergonomically optimum products. An independent committee of experts from several medical disciplines tests how well products perform against this requirements catalogue. Only products that pass scrutiny in this stringent procedure and that satisfy all requirements are awarded the AGR quality emblem.