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Biologically effective light at the workplace

Bayer commits to lighting solutions from Waldmann for its head office location in Basel

Biologically effective light at the workplace
Biologically effective light at the workplace
Biologically effective light at the workplace
Biologically effective light at the workplace

Villingen-Schwenningen, March 2018: Bayer Basel is an international Life Science Hub for Bayer. To create contemporary lighting conditions during this renovation project, Bayer called in Waldmann, the lighting specialists from Germany.

Light in harmony with nature

Family business Waldmann is a pioneer in the field of biodynamic light (Human Centric Lighting), artificial light that is biologically effective, which means it assists the internal natural clock in all of us. This involves the dynamics of lighting intensity and colour temperature being synchronised with the progression of natural daylight, moving from cold white light in the morning to warm white light in the evening hours. This helps with the sense of well-being during office work, enhancing the ability to concentrate and promoting good health. Waldmann has many years of experience in the implementation of biodynamic lighting concepts. As early as 2004, this pioneer in Human Centric Lighting introduced its first biodynamic lighting installations in the care sector. Since 2014, solutions have been introduced in offices. For this, Waldmann can offer a wide range of luminaires for implementation.

Just one month after initial contact to Bayer, sample testing took place. Employees at Waldmann came to Basel, installed the luminaires on location and took a great deal of time over careful introduction of the specifics and functional characteristics of the products presented. The total concept presented by Waldmann convinced everyone. Early in August 2016, Waldmann received the order.

Needs-compatible lighting solutions for all office areas

Waldmann equipped not just the workplaces but also the communication areas - the so-called hubs - with biodynamic light. “It's great that we were able to carry conviction with our expertise, and were able to implement our biodynamic lighting solutions in such a broad way. In the office segment, Bayer Basel has therefore become an absolute showcase project for us”, states Christoph Zimmermann enthusiastically, the Director of Waldmann Lichttechnik in Switzerland.

The workplaces all feature the LAVIGO model range of free-standing luminaires in conjunction with the VTL (Visual Timing Light) lighting control system to deliver biodynamic lighting. The integrated daylight and presence detectors ensure that light is always available when it is needed. The elegant luminaires are characterised by a more slimline look and an optimised ratio of direct and indirect light. This means that uniform illumination can always be achieved. Its restrained geometric lines make the LAVIGO line into a universally applicable luminaire solution, suitable for a variety of working environments. In the suspended luminaire version, LAVIGO luminaires feature in the meeting and videoconferencing rooms of Bayer in Basel, delivering sympathetic, concentration-promoting lighting. Light Forming Technology delivers uniform light distribution here.

The VIVAA model series is used in the hubs. Here too, the VTL version delivers the dynamics of natural daylight and its positive impact into the office, entirely automatically. These exceptionally economical VIVAA suspended luminaires are equipped with the very latest of LED technology. The stainless steel housing underlines the great quality of these luminaires.

In the corridor zones, the conference rooms and in the cafeteria, the IDOO.line of suspended luminaires was chosen. This is also equipped with direct and indirect lighting. The efficiency-boosting reflector technology and conical prismatic screen with direct light component assure uniform illumination.

NET module - 'simplicity reloaded' in terms of biodynamic light

With the NET module, Waldmann has developed an external Plug & Light controller. This makes the work of installers a great deal easier. All that is required for installation is five-core cabling. Here, the control unit is simply fitted in the building.

With DALI, different VTL-capable luminaires can be connected easily, with the option of being integrated in the building management system, and of being controlled by the NET module. No longer any need to collect addresses, to assign groups and to file a schedule of daily characteristics curves. All of this data is already stored on an SD card with details of lighting intensities and colours. At one-second intervals, the broadcast system supplies information to the luminaires of dimming levels to enable them to reflect the progression of natural daylight in an authentic manner. Also, there is no longer any need for configuration work. The result is perfect artificial lighting, automatically, at all times of day.