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The light on the workplace of the future

Waldmann luminaires can be integrated in networked office environments

The light on the workplace of the future
The light on the workplace of the future

Villingen-Schwenningen, October 2018: The future belongs to fully-networked, customisable workstations. The right light here has a key role to play. Projects with the office furniture industry supplier Kesseböhmer and IT corporation Fujitsu demonstrate that Waldmann luminaires are already today for tomorrow's world of work.

Smart networking from chair to light

The YOYO platform by Kesseböhmer delivers cost efficiency and ergonomics. YOYO makes the optimum use of workstations, encourages people to move sufficiently and provides healthy lighting with Waldmann luminaires, intelligently integrated in the system. Personal lighting preferences can be set up easily to suit age or gender with a simple app. Just like the choice of your own chronotype. For example, for late risers, the 'Owl' chronotype, dynamic lighting characteristics are introduced at a later point in time. Compared to the 'Lark' type, the early riser, activating lighting is timed for a later point in the morning. Preparation for the rest phase, through the use of warmer colour temperatures, is also introduced at a correspondingly later time. In addition, YOYO sets up desk and chair to the optimum settings for individual body sizes. This makes the entire desk sharing system more effective, more individual and therefore healthier, all in a smart way.

Biodynamic light in luminaire and on the PC screen

The aim of the 'Workplace of the Future' project, a joint venture with Fujitsu, is to provide employees of various generations with a workplace that safeguards their health, and at which they can access their total performance capability. After logging on to the computer, the screen and desk height are ergonomically adjusted to the optimum settings for the user, then an individual light setting is transmitted to the luminaire. Biodynamic light based on the Waldmann control curve is then present synchronously in the luminaire and on the PC screen. This helps the employee through concentration and regeneration phases, in a manner very similar to the progression of natural daylight. For this, the individual chronotype, from early to late riser, is established by a brief survey, the results of which are then stored in memory.

Ready for the digital transformation

Since 1999, Waldmann has pioneered the equipping of luminaires with intelligent systems. For some time now, integrated sensors, control units and wireless technology enable luminaires to be networked with one another. Intelligent swarm control optimises light and energy needs. The networking of luminaires and appliances in their environment now fits well with the process of digital transformation. With new wireless modules, connections become possible between luminaires, office furniture items and IT systems. Building administrators can use the presence information from the luminaires to implement efficient utilisation of workplaces across the entire floor area. It is an easy task for employees to customise their own workplace, and to adapt it to suit their personal requirements, even if that workplace changes location every day.