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Biodynamic light in the 'IdeenReich'

Waldmann luminaires provide inspiration in the offices of feco-Feederle

Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO TWIN-T
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO TWIN-T

Villingen-Schwenningen, November 2016: Maximum openness and simultaneously options for retreat – these apparent opposites are united in the new 'IdeenReich' office environment of the feco-Feederle Group. The concept provides an inspiring ambiance for employees, underlined by an attractive lighting solution: LAVIGO free-standing luminaires with biodynamic light from Waldmann.

feco's new office world – 'IdeenReich'

Since 2007 the feco-Feederle Group has been using the feco-forum exhibition and administration building. Designed as market place for encounters with architects, planners, builders, investors and users, the ground and first floors house the exhibition area of the System Partition and Office Equipment business divisions. The third floor is used by employees and visitors not only as lounge and café, but also for events.

The aim of the family-owned company in its 4th generation was to combine all office workplaces until now distributed over three buildings on the company grounds in a single building. To this end, it designed a new office environment with 36 workplaces on the 700-square-metre second floor of the feco-forum, which until now had been rented out. It will house all employees of the System Partition Division. In addition to the exhibition, visitors can also experience feco products and office equipment in this office environment referred to as 'IdeenReich' – while employees are working at their desks.

Office concept and room structure

The planning of the 'IdeenReich' was done by feco-Feederle in exactly the same way as an order would be processed. In a workshop in which future users participated, requests and aims were defined. This was followed by collecting the employees' workplace requirements and analysing the work processes. At the planning stage, the planning team developed room structures and the furniture, lighting and colour concepts. The new office world should not only promote team work and information exchange, but also knowledge transfer and the inspiration of the employees.

The office space was planned on the basis of the concept 'Offices of the Future' developed by feco-Feederle, which offers five space modules for team work, concentration, communication, meeting and inspiration. Thus, the team spaces allow exchange of ideas among colleagues and integration of new employees. If an employee wants to retreat for concentrated work, he/she can do so at the four think tanks arranged at the inner courtyard. Spontaneous meetings can take place in the standing meeting areas located between the think tanks. For scheduled meetings, closed rooms are available. Inspiration zones that can be used by employees for communication exchange or for retreat round off the concept. An overriding design theme is the connection to nature, which should be both inspirational and calming. The theme worlds of forest, air, water, city have been implemented by means of matching wall motifs, colourings, floor coverings and objects.

Lighting concept with biodynamics

All communication zones are emphasised and put on stage with atmospheric lights. LAVIGO free-standing luminaires from Waldmann provide a pleasant atmosphere at the 36 workplaces equipped with height-adjustable desks from vitra. They are equipped with the PULSE VTL light management system for biodynamic lighting. By simulating the natural change in daylight with time with a suitable colour temperature and illuminance in the indirect light component, the free-standing luminaires support the biological rhythm of employees, thus extending the emotional and ergonomic aspects of light quality for a sustainable improvement of well-being. The illuminance in the direct light component can be set by the user to match his/her needs. The luminaire saves the setting and regulates the artificial light in accordance with the daylight. In addition to that, the free-standing luminaires are equipped with presence detectors. When the employee leaves the workplace, the luminaires are switched off.