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The smart way to configure lighting

LIGHT ADMIN app from Waldmann


Villingen-Schwenningen, March 2018: With a versatile range of user-oriented customisation options and with the rising intelligence of lighting, it is becoming increasingly time-consuming to configure these systems. To counteract this in future, Waldmann has developed the LIGHT ADMIN app.

Intuitive and time-saving

The LIGHT ADMIN app can be used to create a building structure to provide lighting to all floors, rooms and areas. Waldmann luminaires can be integrated and configured within that structure. By way of example, this includes automatic switch-on, dimming levels and response thresholds for the presence detectors. This app can also be used to configure the swarm control. Groups of luminaires and defined areas are displayed clearly. There is also the option of exporting the building structures and luminaires stored in the app via Excel. In this way, the app can also help you to do an inventory check of all luminaries in the building.

Dynamic office worlds

The LIGHT ADMIN app enables you to respond easily and at any time to any changes in the layout of office floor area. The app reads off the luminaire details by wireless, and the configuration can be made conveniently on a laptop or on another mobile terminal device. After that, it is easy to load it back into the luminaires, again by wireless. You own configurations can be stored in the app as profiles which you can then transmit quickly and easily to many luminaires at the same time.

Technology and safety

Luminaires equipped with the latest generation of TALK module can use the full range of functions. EnOcean or Bluetooth are used as wireless technology. The software for commonly used Windows, iOS and Android systems can be downloaded from the Waldmann website, or from the App Store. The luminaires can be protected with passwords to prevent any unauthorised access.