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Natural Light for People

New Waldmann products for the modern office

Suspended Luminaire IDOO.line
Suspended Luminaire IDOO.pendant
Surface-Mounted Luminaire IDOO.fit

Frankfurt, March 2016: The luminaire manufacturer Waldmann has substantially expanded its range of office lights and presents its new suspended, integrated and mounted luminaires at Light & Building for the first time. The company offers a holistic lighting solution for a high-quality, people-friendly lighting in the office from a single source. With its expanded product portfolio and comprehensive planning support, Waldmann enables implementation of intelligent lighting concepts. The main focus of which is to combine biodynamic daylight tracing with maximum energy efficiency.

At Light + Building 2016, Waldmann presents for the first time its enhanced portfolio that meets all requirements for modern office lighting. In addition to the free-standing, desk-mounted and task luminaires, the range now includes various suspended, integrated and mounted luminaires. The Engineer of Light thus offers a comprehensive range of luminaires for implementing complete biodynamic lighting solutions suitable for both workplaces and rooms.

The Claim: "Natural Light for Human Needs"

In combination with the light management system PULSE VTL, the new and proven luminaires offer particularly high visual comfort and people-friendly lighting in the office. With its different free-standing and room luminaires, Waldmann offers solutions for a biodynamic light for simulating the course of daylight time indoors. Office workers who spend a large part of the day indoors thus experience the natural daylight. This experience facilitates the human sleep-wake rhythm and promotes well-being and the ability to concentrate. Waldmann has always been a pioneer in the area of the biodynamic lighting. For more than 11 years, the company has been using the light management system PULSE VTL, which was developed in-house, in the care and health sector. With its extensive experience and concentrated expertise, Waldmann supports customers and planners in implementing contemporary lighting concepts.

New: Product Family IDOO

At the leading trade fair, Waldmann introduces the new luminaire family IDOO for equipping open-plan and cubicle offices. Designer Burkhard Schlee, who has already developed the multi-award winning task luminaire PARA.MI together with Waldmann, focuses on a discreet look, high functionality and user-friendliness. With its strikingly flat shape and understated design, the LED suspended luminaire IDOO.pendant fits into every office concept. The direct light component ensures a uniform, glare-fee light at workstations with computer monitors, while the wide-angle indirect light component creates a pleasant ambient lighting in the room. Available as individual or linked luminaires, IDOO.pendant meets various lighting requirements in the office.

The linear system IDOO.line ensures even more flexibility: the LED light line with direct and indirect light distribution as well as efficiency enhancing reflector technology enables a standard, homogeneous office lighting – and it has what it takes to become the new favourite of architects. Thanks to the modular system design of IDOO.line, various start, middle and end luminaires can be flexibly linked to one another without using tools. This high potential for customisation enables versatile implementation of different lighting concepts for offices in various sizes in a continuous design. The multi-purpose linear system is impressive with its understated elegance and clear lines. As an ideal lighting solution for a custom interior design, IDOO.line fits into the overall architectural concept and accentuates the distinctiveness of the room. With its outstanding light yield of 105 lumens per watt, the system also leads in the matters of energy efficiency.

The innovative integrated and mounted luminaire IDOO.fit completes the new product family. Its dual luminous intensity distribution including a direct component facing downwards and a soft indirect light for the sides creates an unusual look and a particularly pleasant ambient lighting: luminaire and light harmonize particularly well with the room architecture.

New: Suspended Luminaire LAVIGO

The product family LAVIGO, which was introduced in 2014, now has even more variants too: at Light + Building, Waldmann unveils for the first time a LAVIGO suspended luminaire. Just like the established free-standing and desk-mounted luminaires of the product family, the new product also has clear lines and simple elegance. Designed by Jürgen Schubert, from Structurelab architects (Düsseldorf), LAVIGO is an ideal symbiosis of identity, functionality and simplicity. All essential components of the luminaire have a simple, rectangular form with slightly rounded edges. Moreover, the new suspended luminaire also offers different output levels and a light yield of over 100 lumens per watt, which meets the energy efficiency requirements.