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The light of the future

Waldmann is exhibiting lighting solutions for tomorrow's world of work at the Orgatec trade fair

Free-Standing Luminaire VIVAA FREE
Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO

Villingen-Schwenningen, September 2018: Anyone rethinking the world of work must also rethink the issue of lighting. At Orgatec, Waldmann is showcasing lighting solutions for new worlds of work under the motto of 'SHINE A LIGHT'. Healthy, sustainable and also smartly connected. Light from Waldmann delivers added value to its users in a variety of ways.

The light of health

Natural light is indispensable. It cycles the internal human clock and promotes a sense of well-being. It is therefore good for concentration, creativity and performance capability. Whenever people are exposed to artificial light for too long, it is not necessarily good for their health. The Waldmann VTL light management system, tried and tested in numerous projects, delivers biodynamic light (Human Centric Lighting) in an office environment. This means that, especially in interior spaces without much natural daylight, and especially during the dark winter months, employee health can be improved in a sustainable manner. As well as the homely new VIVAA FREE free-standing luminaire, Waldmann is also exhibiting the vision of how VTL solutions can be adapted in future to suit individual chronotypes.

The light of sustainability

Using renewable forms of energy, recycling energy from emissions and ceasing the production of waste. Waldmann is also sure that this is the right way into the future. The LAVIGO became the first office luminaire in the world to be awarded the internationally valid Cradle to Cradle certificate. Certification of this free-standing luminaire confirms the manufacturer's commitment to the goals of ecological effectiveness. The aim is to produce consumer goods in a sustainable and intelligent manner, to be able to dismantle them into their different materials after use and to reuse them within the technology cycle. To obtain this certification, all the materials used for LAVIGO are identified, and then evaluated in terms of their toxicological and recycling properties. Then, in some cases, improvements were made. LAVIGO is manufactured using 35 percent recycled material, and 85% of its materials can be recycled at its end of life. Other prerequisites incorporated verification of energy balance, the volume and quality of water required and compliance with social criteria. Future product developments are also going to be made in accordance with Cradle to Cradle criteria.

The light of connectivity

The future belongs to fully-networked, customisable workstations. Here, light has a key role to play. Waldmann pursues two lines of approach which prove that its own luminaires are ready for this.
In collaboration with the IT corporation Fujitsu and with Kesseböhmer, a supplier to the office furniture industry, two different visions of a fully networked workplace have come into being. These involve lighting getting switched on after logging onto a computer, or by using an app. In other words, it is not only furniture that is adapted to suit individual needs: The lighting is also adjusted automatically. This is of particular benefit in association with desk-sharing models.

You will find Waldmann at Orgatec in Hall 8.1, Stand B040.