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Energy Self-Sufficient Planning Office

Waldmann free-standing LED luminaires ensure needs-driven lighting

Energy Self-Sufficient Planning Office
Free-Standing Luminaire ATARO LED
Free-Standing Luminaire ATARO LED
Free-Standing Luminaire ATARO LED

Villingen-Schwenningen, October 2014: Merely talking about the energy transition was not enough for Baden-Württemberg based Schnepf Planungsgruppe Energietechnik from the town of Nagold, rather the company wanted to make its contribution with its new center of excellence on the Wolfsberg industrial estate. Former Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier even got a first-hand look at the energy self-sufficient building in operation. Efficiency was naturally a primary consideration in a building with such an energy supply concept. And when it came to the lighting, this aspect was also high on the agenda. All work stations in the planning office are now illuminated with Waldmann ATARO free-standing LED luminaires, which are controlled by daylight and presence sensors.

An open concept

Visitors feel welcome as soon as they enter the building, immediately finding themselves among like-minded individuals, depicted on the walls by human silhouettes.

With the move to the new company building, not only are the two areas of energy and electrical engineering combined under one roof, rather the performance range has also been further enhanced. Schnepf now offers planning in areas such as building simulation and will also include planning in the area of fire protection in the future.

Not only will planning be carried out on these premises, but also experiences exchanged and technology experienced. The entire new building therefore serves at the same time as a showroom. Visitors can gain an insight right down to the boiler room with a precise description of the solar ice storage system. "Because we are gathering our own experiences here, we can offer our customers optimal consulting quality," explains Klaus Schnepf, owner of Schnepf Planungsgruppe Energietechnik.

The transparency of the architecture which is striking at first glance reflects the corporate culture of the planning group. All meeting rooms are fitted with glass doors, individual areas are separated from each other by furniture. All areas are visible when standing. "We want to promote informal discussion scenarios, provide creative scope and encourage lateral thinking," stresses Schnepf.

This is also evident from the large communal area, not only with its coffee machine but also its inestimable view of fruit trees and flower meadows. The entire team meets here every Friday for a communal lunch and mutual interaction. All of these aspects represent optimal requirements for professionally implementing the planning group's principle of "everything is possible" in the global customer projects.

Needs-driven lighting solution

All of the office equipment is selected to suit the corporate design. Exceptional elements ensure an individual character. For example, on closer inspection the reception desk is a model of the building – including the photovoltaic system on the roof.

A modern and yet warm office atmosphere has been created by the white furniture and red dividing walls. This is complemented by the white ATARO free-standing LED luminaires with direct and indirect light share, which ensure ambient working and room lighting. The free-standing lights provide the right light depending on the work station. Optimal use can therefore be made of the daylight incoming through the glass facades. Artificial light is rarely needed at the project planner work stations, for example, as these are positioned directly at the window front. The free-standing luminaire's daylight sensor fulfills the technical requirements in this regard optimally. Thanks to presence sensors, the luminaires essentially only operate when someone is actually at the work station.

The designers' CAD work stations are located in the center of the room with darkened monitors. Totally different requirements with respect to lighting exist in this regard. It is therefore an advantage that each one of the 50 employees can always adjust his or her light source to suit individual requirements. This not only supports ergonomics, but also well-being at the work station.

The tubular section was adapted at the customer's request with the result that the operator pushbutton is positioned externally and the cable disappears unobtrusively below the desk. The LED lighting solution is not only especially economical and durable, it is also future-proof. This is because the free-standing luminaires are equipped with standardized LED Light Engines, which can be replaced by the manufacturer in case of malfunction.

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