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VIVAA FREE VTL, the free-standing luminaire with the feel good factor

Biologically effective light with domestic flair

Free-Standing Luminaire VIVAA FREE

For the first time, Waldmann is integrating its tried-and-tested VTL light management system for biodynamic lighting in a domestic free-standing luminaire. This could not be any easier to use: insert the mains plug in a power socket and the VIVAA FREE VTL system automatically identifies the time of day and adapts the colour temperature and illuminance value accordingly. This is indexed accurately to suit the internal human clock. Providing gentle support for sleep and activity phases.

Supportive light

The heart of the free-standing luminaire is the VTL light management system that controls biologically effective light. In the course of the day, the lighting level changes automatically: in the early hours and throughout the morning, an activating light provides a feeling of being alert. As the day progresses, the illuminance value rises. In the evening, a warm, dimmed light helps with rest phases.

Pleasant light

The high indirect light component creates a bright, uniform level of lighting. This in turn creates glare-free and homogeneous light. Powerful LEDs provide a high level of light output for comparably low energy costs. Anyone who already has sufficient daylight or a high level of room lighting may find the basic variant, the one without biologically effective light, a good alternative.

Homely highlights

The VIVAA FREE free-standing luminaire can be used as a standalone unit or to supplement the existing general lighting. It provides comforting highlights, and comes either with three wooden legs with a walnut look or with a powder-coated anthracite-coloured steel pole.