Luminous Planning

Perfection is our goal

There's more to light than just light. Light is vivid, it changes colours and rooms. It can have a calming or stimulating effect. It improves perception and orientation. Regulatory standard and recommendations form the ideal foundation for ideal light solution planning.

The choice of suitable light solutions should be considered at the earliest possible stage. Multiple light calculations and visualisations facilitate the final decision. Illumination shall not dominate the room but harmonically integrate into the overall architecture. Light calculations with different luminaires and lamps provide a general overview of illuminance and light distribution.

Professional light solution planning requires a profound expertise and long-term experience. We would be glad to consult you on your specific project and generate a detailed illumination concept.

Following we would like to introduce the main keys for high-quality illumination:


Illuminance – or the luminous flux on a surface area with the unit 'lux' – is probably the most important measurement unit in lighting technology.

Due to their diminishing visual abilities, elderly people require more light for visual tasks than younger people. Even during the day, areas with strong light-dark transition such as building entrances should be brightly illuminated to support the human eye during adaption to the darker environment when entering the building. Depending on the illumination's main purpose (general room lighting, reading light, nursing, examination or relaxation) the illuminance must be adapted.

Cylindrical illuminance

The cylindrical illuminance is the evaluation unit for the illumination level of vertical or near-vertical areas on objects. Is is used as a scale for perceived brightness in rooms, particularly for the brightness of faces. The ideal cylindrical illuminance supports detection of faces, door handles, light switches and colours, etc.

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Different lighting levels in everyday life:
Different lighting levels in everyday life:
Colour Rendering and Temperature

The colour rendering capability determines how well a lamp can reproduce the light spectrum. The human being can only see those colours present in the colour spectrum of a light source and reflected by an object.
The colour reproduction index describes the colour rendering properties of light sources. The index takes into consideration the individual test colours and measures whether lamps produce a 'natural' (similar to sunlight) colour spectrum or a limited spectrum.

Colour Rendering and Temperatur

Cold white light emphasises blue, purple and green colours. Warm white light emphasises red, yellow and orange colours and is preferably used in living areas.

The colour temperature characterises the light colour of a lamp. The standard separates light colours of lamps into three groups:

Light colour

Colour temperature in Kelvin
Warm white (ww)
Neutral white (nw)

3300 - 5300
Daylight white (dw)

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Energy Efficiency

An important duty of the present. Rising energy costs, energy shortage and environmental consciousness require a rather radical re-thinking. We show ways to lower the energy consumption without having to compromise on illumination comfort.

The main goal of sustainable illumination is quality in a comprehensive manner. Sustainable lighting is economically efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-saving. Its light quality enhances the safety and promotes health in hospitals, medical practices and retirement and nursing homes.

State-of-the-art LED modules, glare control, electronic ballasts or smart light management systems. These are the components incorporated into our energy efficient, long-like luminaires. Of course without having to compromise on light quality.

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In order to ensure maximum safety the Waldmann luminaires have been design, manufactured and certified according to standard and directive relevant for medical illumination applications. You can rest assured that these luminaires will contribute to a safe environment in the medical sector.