L'éclairage pour photothérapie médicale

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The business unit will be phased out on 30th June 2020 - the service organisation will continue to exist

The tangible general downturn in the economy and the extensive new regulations arising in relation to the EU Medical Device Regulation (EU-MDR) make life difficult for many companies. The associated overhead in terms of bureaucracy, personnel and cost is no longer economically tenable for a vast number of SMEs, at the expense of profitability.

For these reasons, Waldmann finds itself compelled to phase out the medical phototherapy business unit with effect by the end of June 2020 in order to safeguard the future efficiency of the Group. Operators of Waldmann UV therapy devices have nothing to fear though. The Group’s own Service organisation remains committed to delivering support and to the provision of spare parts. Legal obligations will be honoured in the process.