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The light of closeness

How can lighting solutions assist the care team and improve the sense of well-being of the residents?

Villingen-Schwenningen, February, 2019:  What does the senior citizen care home of the future look like? This is the question that the 'Altenpflege 2019' [Senior Citizen Care 2019] trade fair seeks to answer, held from 2 to 4 April. On Stand D34 in Hall 009, Waldmann will be demonstrating how good lighting contributes to care and to the maintenance of a stable quality of life for elderly people. The lighting solutions being exhibited here are smart and efficient. In a care facility, this lighting improves the quality of provision to residents and creates what we call 'the light of closeness'.

How can lighting solutions assist the care team and improve the sense of well-being of the residents? This is always the first question we ask ourselves whenever Waldmann is called upon to develop a lighting solution for a healthcare environment. Biodynamic light with the VTL light management system is an example of such a solution. Many of the luminaires that Waldmann will be showcasing at this trade fair are equipped with biodynamic light. Biodynamic light follows the course of natural daylight in terms of light colour and brightness. In this manner, the light enhances the sense of well-being of people and supports the hard work done by the teams of healthcare staff to deliver a stable quality of life to care home residents. This light has a positive effect on their general mood and helps them to enjoy good, sound sleep. 

VIVAA FREE VTL should prove to be one of the highlights of this trade fair, unveiled by Waldmann just a few months ago. This was the first time that the manufacturer integrated VTL for biodynamic lighting in a domestic free-standing luminaire. This free-standing luminaire can be used as a standalone unit or to supplement the existing general lighting, facilitating bright, uniform levels of lighting through its high proportion of indirect light. It also provides comforting highlights and blends very well into the residential atmosphere of many care institutions, either featuring three wooden legs with a walnut look or with a powder-coated anthracite-coloured steel pole.

But what can you do in terms of lighting planning if rooms are narrow, low or even windowless? Even in problem rooms of this kind, the ZERA wall-mounted luminaire can still be used to effect, and this product will also be on show at Altenpflege 2019. This luminaire extends the scope for planning through its use of high-performance LEDs that are easy to install using a wall-mounted rail to which their attractively shaped aluminium bodies can be mounted. This opens up new design options because the high proportion of indirect light does more than simply provide optimum illumination. This actually makes the rooms look bigger and more friendly.

But Waldmann will be exhibiting more than smart light of visually attractive lighting solutions. To assist care teams and to improve the safety of residents, Waldmann has developed Xcara. This is a special sensor that can be integrated in the ZERA Bed wall-mounted luminaire. Whenever a resident leaves the bed, the sensor registers the fact and provides better orientation. In an emergency - for example if a resident has a fall - it sends a signal to alert the care staff. In this way, these lighting solutions demonstrate just how smart and efficient the Light of the Future is in care homes for senior citizens already today.


A highlight at Altenpflege 2019: The VIVAA FREE VTL from Waldmann. For the first time, the manufacturer has integrated its VTL light management system for biodynamic lighting into a domestic free-standing luminaire.

Foto: © Waldmann