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Brighter and More Efficient Replacements for Tube Luminaires

Strikingly high light quality in the workroom with MACH LED PLUS LED machine luminaires

LED Machine Luminaire MACH LED PLUS
LED Machine Luminaire MACH LED PLUS
LED Machine Luminaire MACH LED PLUS
LED Machine Luminaire MACH LED PLUS

Villingen-Schwenningen, September 2013: The new MACH LED PLUS machine luminaire developed by Waldmann is not only an LED-based lighting solution for wide-ranging and efficient illumination of machine workrooms, it can also be used to easily replace classic tube luminaires. In comparison, it saves up to 70 percent energy and gives off a noticeably higher quality of light.

Replacing classic tube luminaires

The MACH LED PLUS is compatible with classic tube luminaires in form, dimensions, and connection options. This predestines it for simple and fast replacement of older luminaires. With a diameter of 70 mm, the existing brackets in the machines can be used. What’s more, specially developed brackets are available. They allow flexible adjustment of the luminaires. The MACH LED PLUS can be connected via an M12 plug connector to 24 V machine voltage or to 100, 120, or 220-240 V wide range. So it can be used universally all over the world.

Achieving optimum lighting appearance

In addition to replacing tube luminaires, the MACH LED PLUS is also suitable for initial machine equipping thanks to its highly efficient LED technology and sophisticated lighting technology. It features Waldmann Light Forming Technology, which ensures efficient light control and strikingly homogeneous light. The MACH LED PLUS also illuminates the workroom of the machine with a wide-range beam thanks to its particularly wide angle of illumination.

Meeting different requirements

The MACH LED PLUS is available in six lengths ranging from 370 to 1070 mm to suit any lighting technology requirement. Power variants with twice the number of LEDs are available for especially high illuminance requirements. The energy consumptionof the MACH LED PLUS is 70 percent lower than that of classic tube luminaires. This is complemented by the long LED service life, which saves maintenance costs throughout the entire luminaire life cycle.

Defying tough conditions

Waldmann’s years of experience formed the basis for the development of the MACH LED PLUS. Thanks to well-engineered design and highest quality materials along with great workmanship, it withstands tough conditions, such as high ambient temperatures and the influence of numerous coolants and lubricants. For example, the housing is made from robust materials such as aluminum, high-performance plastic, and 4 mm safety glass.