Richard Wolf GmbH, Knittlingen, Tyskland


Richard Wolf GmbH, Knittlingen, Germany


Medical Engineering

Lighting solution:

Arm-Mounted Luminaire TANEO, Workplace-System Luminaire TANEO and Magnifier Luminaire TEVISIO

Workplace-System Luminaire TANEO
Magnifier Luminaire TEVISIO
Arm-Mounted Luminaire TANEO
Workplace-System Luminaire TANEO
Workplace-System Luminaire TANEO

Richard Wolf GmbH is a trailblazer in the field of endoscopy with a wealth of experience spanning more than 100 years. Close ties with science and medicine are the company's foundation for top-quality products and system solutions.

In its high-tech manufacturing facilities at the company's headquarters in the Baden-Württemberg town of Knittlingen, optics, fine mechanics, electronics, and software complement each other perfectly. Wolf attaches great importance to in-house production for enabling the required standards to be fulfilled and reviewed regularly. Maximum precision is an absolute must in this respect, with certified quality control underpinning everything leaving the premises.

Wolf relies on a highly qualified and committed workforce to satisfy the strict quality standards. And to ensure optimal working conditions for its employees also, Wolf has opted for modern lighting solutions from Waldmann. TANEO arm-mounted luminaires, TANEO workplace system luminaires, and TEVISIO magnifier luminaires provide a needs-driven lighting solution from the same design line, which can be adjusted optimally to the respective activities and individual needs of the employees. In addition to the excellent lighting quality these luminaires provide for the employees, the modern LED luminaires are also especially energy efficient.