Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH, Trossingen, Duitsland


Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH, Trossingen, Germany


Mechanical Engineering

Lighting solution:

LED Machine Luminaire MACH LED PLUS

RL 70

Haas grinding machines from the Baden-Württemberg town of Trossingen in Germany are used the world over – wherever metal is processed. For example they are used for grinding rotary and profile-cutting tools, gear-cutting and cold-forming tools, as well as medical tools and implants.

The enthusiasm for technology among Haas engineers is demonstrated by the continuous development of trend-setting grinding machines and grinding processes ever since 1934. Scarcely any product or process produced by the mechanical engineering company is therefore more than three years old.

Those who set trends also expect innovations from their suppliers. The individual parts of the Haas grinding machines are therefore always of the highest technical standard. And because lighting is an important consideration in relation to safety and precision of manual activities in machines, the classic tube luminaires used previously have been replaced by modern MACH LED PLUS machine luminaires from Waldmann. Not only does this translate into energy savings of 70 percent in terms of consumption, the lighting quality in the machine workroom is also significantly better. With such a cleverly designed product as the MACH LED PLUS, the switch to the LED solution was effortless. This is because the luminaire diameter of 70 mm and option to connect to 100/120/220-240 V make it compatible with the classic tube luminaires.